Demi Moore 911 Call: This is an Emergency...

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The 911 call made by a friend on behalf of Demi Moore this week has been released.

In it, a panicked woman grows frustrated with operators at the outset because there's confusion over which department will be sending the ambulance.

This is an emergency, the caller insists, going on to say Moore "smoked something similar to incense" and adding that she's "having convulsions of some sort."

The friend also describes Demi as "semi-conscious" and, at one point, says she's been experiencing "issues lately with some other stuff." Portions of the call have been redacted for medical/privacy reasons, but take a listen now:

A new report states that Moore has been addicted to Red Bull for years, though clearly that energy drink isn't the blame for this incident.

The 911 call, instead, lends credence to the nitrous oxide theory.

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omg she is still on dope???


Death is certain. Life is uncertain. Everything might happen to you at anytime. Pity Demi Moore has been cheated by her ex-husbands. Nothing is permanent in this world, and also nothing has to be proud in this world. You do not have to show off yourself to the world. Shameful act. I sincerely wish that Demi Moore would have a speedy recovery soon too. Help yourself DEMI MOORE. Stop taking the drugs. There are many people in this world are still concern and care about you beautiful woman. No one could replace you too. My sincere prayers to you daily. Love & Hugs.


Celebrities are unhappy people despite all the money they have. What a pity! Poor Demi.


Leave Demi alone. Lol


@Ashley-Crawl back In your Fucking hole.


To the poster Ashley....Pray you never have a mental illness or condition like Anorexia. Those people that say, "Just eat!" or "Get over it, will ya"....have NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO clue what depression, anxiety, anorexia, bipolar, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc..are. It is a nightmare. You can't just snap out of it. You need treatment and medicine. A diabetic can't "think" their way out of sugar imbalances anymore than someone who needs mental help can either. So, to those who are condemning Demi....are ill themselves. Get educated!!!!


OMG you've got to be kidding me??? There's an audio out about Demi calling for help. Wow some sick bastards looking to make money and entertainment of a person that was really suffering!!!! I hope God deals with those sicko's!!!!!!!!


Sending my best regards, lots of love to Demi Moore. Hope she has a speedy recovery soon. Be Strong Demi Moore! Pity her being cheated by her last 2 unhappy marriages. They are not the REAL MEN. They are womanizers...... I sincerely hope that her daughters will be treated her nicely, and be obedient to her mother Wishing her a Happy Family with her daughters. Love you Demi.


Demi Moore The Drug Emergency 911 Call Audio Full Tape revealed here


all u ppl ned to get lives and leave demi alone she has really bad problems like anorexia shes very sick and could die and you ppl are just sitting there with disgust how could you ppl be so careless what if it was one of you family members in demis condition u wouldnt be acting solo rude she has serious problems and you guys sit here and dspise her you people make me SICK!!!!!


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