Demi Lovato Tweets to God: Really, Dude?!?

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Demi Lovato has had a difficult year, and in the latest issue of Seventeen she opens up about all the people who have been there for her: Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus.

Notice one name missing from that list? God.

Demi Lovato on New Year's Eve

Indeed, the singer sort of went off on The Big Guy Upstairs yesterday, Tweeting:

“Sometimes it seems like God just keeps throwing crap my way and I get SO angry with him... But there’s never a doubt in my mind He’s gonna pull me through it all. I know you’re there God. But umm... Really dude? He never fails to show me He’s by my side though. Even in the tough times. #Godstuff”

Demi isn't the first young star to openly bring up her faith, as Justin Bieber got a new tattoo this week of Jesus Christ.

Lovato later added, though, that she is not religious, but "VERY spiritual and I DO believe in God. I’m not perfect or preaching! Just tweeting..." and finally concluded the mini-rant on a positive, Nemo-related note:

Just keep swimming.

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Demitria Devonne,, I totally love u ... I like ur songs so much ! :)) but always remember that ur success,, its because of god. So always have ur faith with him.


i think she has done really good and she is my new role model cause i am going through something too and i think i want to do what she did to get help cause she awesome. so please don't hate her cause what she did because everyone needs a secound chance but not justin beiber i hate him and i have my thoughts and i dont care what anyone thinks he sucks. and you rock demi


Uhmm! Im a huge fan of you demi and you know i always agree with you but i dont agree what you said about GOD there! GOD is always there for us when we need him and he will never forsake us! For jeremiah 29:11 says" For I Know the plans i have for you, declares the Lord.plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. So i just wanted to tell you, give your life to Jesus and he will guide you and protect you with his precious blood and then you will never go to rehab or drugs again! Let GOD take control of your life and let GOD be the one that always guides you! Please demetria! Im praying for you please stop with the drugs! Your huge fan! Amy


Miley Cyrus should win !


WOW! Some people are just so stupid.... so stupid.... Anyway... Demi! You have been a great inspiration in my life. I know it feels like there are some completely unnecessary crap that God throws at us... just remember what you said when you were little... you wanted to be famous to spread the Word... DOn't forget! We love you Demi! Prayin'


Demi I luv u but ur WRONG!!! Its the DEVIL tryn to bring u down! BIG DADDY ur stupid! That's the freakn dummest thing I've ever heard!


Okay I have thousands of things I love about u, so here's a couple:
#1:u are amazing at everything u do.
#2:u are an amazing role modle.
#3:u are in inspiration...and can keep people up when down!
*I know this is a lot to ask but could you PLEASE start makeing the demi & selena shows again!?? Words can't describe how much I miss that! :'(


@Big Daddy wtf????? Its through God she has that success. You should go practice your english. Lmfao!!!!!!!!


Turned into a little fatty


Demi I love you...You are the BEST...God is..Love God...

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