Demi Lovato Struggles Through People's Choice Award Performance [Video]

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We adore Demi Lovato. That must be stated up front.

She's our readers' choice for Celebrity of 2011, after all, and we're thrilled she took home one of the biggest People's Choice Awards last night, Favorite Pop Artist.

But the young star's performance of "Give Your Heart a Break" simply wasn't her finest moment, from the wild hair extensions to the mullet-like dress to the notes that simply weren't carried very well. Hey, we all have off nights.

Watch the rendition now and see if you agree:

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This surely wasn't Demi's best performance but she managed to hit some really high notes which is no surprise 'cuz she's super-talented. No need for ignorance or hatred!! Guys, HALF of you couldn't have done better. I'm sure of that. She may not have sang this song to the best of her ability but atleast she didn't suck. So STFU!!!!!!!!!!! and enjoy the music, Bitches.


Ive never seen her before but Id prefer her to a lot of other singers out there to be frank. At least she sang with her own chops and we know she wasn't lip synching or that some machine was doing all the work for her. I couldn't do better and Im sure a lot of other people would've flubbed up more than this on a stage surrounded by hundreds. Instead of finding fault in this just hope she does better next time.


I’m okay with the extensions, and I actually love the dress on her. It was flattering to her figure. The song was okay. She missed some notes, however, I have heard a lot worse. Everyone does have an off night. It’s the fingernails I had a problem with! Danger…


First time i had heard that song and I thought it sucked. I know those awards had to be a fluke.....they gave Kim K one for personality or some crap......


Does anyone else think the People's choice awards are not what the people voted....seems like it was all planned and whoever the producers wanted to win would win.


I never heard a song from her before and when she sang, I thought it was terrible......way off tone the whole song......people that said this is good must be tone deaf....just saying.


Demi is Demi. Demetria Devonne Lovato. She is the greatest freaking thing that ever came out of Disney and I won't EVER stop fighting for her! She's the greatest thing on this planet and she has the talent. So all of you need to take your nonsense and shove it somewhere else.


(correction for previous comment, at least I can catch mine)


I didn't like this one... Anf is she tring to be like Miley? Nose piercing and way too long hair extensions, just like Miley.


First off, half of you people on here probably can't sing. Secondly, are we really going to stoop to the level of demeaning her because she WAS on Disney Channel? Clearly that is your only form of support and the method you must resort to. This performance wasn't her best, it wasn't her worst thought either. And if you want more support with your barely credible statements, why don't you run your comments through Grammar and Spell check because your errors are as sickening as your attempts to demean this girl. She is my life, and she has the talent, she most definitely can sing without auto-tune and made it because of this, she's in it to send a message. She deserves all the praise, the rest of you need to get lives or fall in ditches.

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