Demi Lovato Struggles Through People's Choice Award Performance [Video]

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We adore Demi Lovato. That must be stated up front.

She's our readers' choice for Celebrity of 2011, after all, and we're thrilled she took home one of the biggest People's Choice Awards last night, Favorite Pop Artist.

But the young star's performance of "Give Your Heart a Break" simply wasn't her finest moment, from the wild hair extensions to the mullet-like dress to the notes that simply weren't carried very well. Hey, we all have off nights.

Watch the rendition now and see if you agree:

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Lisa Leong, D and JK can you sing? Tyler are you a pose perfect model? Demi was beautiful. Who made you all judges? Miley you tell'um girl. she did good!


I love her hair and dress. I liked it all. you all are just to criticle so whatever get a life, quit being jealous and nitpicky. alot of intertainers do not sound well on those award shows. I always thought that was normal. Demi sounded better than alot of the ones I remember. she did fine hair,dress,and voice!!!!!! sleep on that!!!!!!!!!


Oh sorry. Just listened to her NYE performance and it really wasn't much better. So looks like this might be an ongoing issue with pitchiness. I also realised I HAVE heard her before. On some show like the EMA's or Grammys. Singing Skyscraper and from memory I thought she was really good that time. Maybe it's just this song she has trouble with live.


Awww poor kid. I dont know what she usually sounds like live but that was a disaster. I think she started off in the wrong key and lacked the experience to pull herself out of the mistake. So it just went to hell in a handbag from there. She looked so scared.


When i first heard her song "Skyscaper" i already knew this girl can't sing!!! Her voice is too pitchy and she's screaming all the way, thats not how you vocalize. So with that said, I'm NOT surprise her performance at PCA is a flop, I was cringing all the way..... that's how you recognize how a true talent could sing live or not and definitely she didn't raise to the occasion. I'm not attacking her or anything but its good to get proper training and improve upon herself. I'm just being honest.


That performance was a hot mess. And she knew she was off key because she tried to over compensate for it by singing the hell out of all those riffs. Learn some restraint. And she one that award out of other way around it. She's Not that talented....obviously


With a 14 year old of my own, I worry about some of these kids that we place so high on pedestals and then can't imagine why they fall so hard! She sounded terrible and looked even worse but according to my child, who is a fan, she normally doesn't sound that bad. God I hope not! Someone needs to be slapped, and we all know she has lots of someones telling her what to do!


I absolutely love Demi, she's so talented!, but I have to say this is a bad performance! She was very off-key and it seemed like she couldn't hit those lower notes. She's a good singer, but this song doesn't work for her.


I'm sorry but I just Can not stand the way she looks.


I like Demi, I really do and I want to see her do well. However, to be honest, PCA was the worst performance I have ever seen from her. I am a singer from childhood and I have perfect pitch. Demi's pitch was off for almost the entire song. It was just painful to hear and watch. You can love Demi till the end of time, but if you are a true fan and you can tell if someone is off key, just be honest and tell it like it is. Nobody's perfect all the time. She is human like you and I. We all have our good days and our bad. Demi is a very good performer and had overcome a lot. I wish her well!

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