Demi Lovato Struggles Through People's Choice Award Performance [Video]

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We adore Demi Lovato. That must be stated up front.

She's our readers' choice for Celebrity of 2011, after all, and we're thrilled she took home one of the biggest People's Choice Awards last night, Favorite Pop Artist.

But the young star's performance of "Give Your Heart a Break" simply wasn't her finest moment, from the wild hair extensions to the mullet-like dress to the notes that simply weren't carried very well. Hey, we all have off nights.

Watch the rendition now and see if you agree:

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As an old singer, musician and recording engineer I can say that Ms. Lovato's Heart Attack performance on Kelly and Michael this morning was certainly not spot on; that is her voice wandered and was off key at times. But we have to give her an A for effort and her fans in the studio audience went nuts anyway. Any live performance is tough. Keep plugging Demi.


i loveeeee you demi i need you than my mother i like you......


Ok, so I absolutely LOVE Demi Lovato and I respect her as a solo artist. I do have to say that the performance was not her best. Im sure she knows that too. She was off key a lot but she looked amazing!! Obviously the girl has a voice on her but maybe she was just having a bad night?


Gee, people stop feeling insulted. She wasn't on key all the time. There's nothing wrong with admitting that. It doesn't mean the author of this article thinks Demi is a bad singer all the time. Being critically is important. That's how artist grow and learn. And the clothing is an opinion. I personally think the dress is quite nice, the hair however...


Ummmm, in what world was that a "less than stellar" performance?? First of all, the hair and dress were hot. I know we all have our different opinions on people's appearances, but I would totally rock that hair and that dress. Second of all, what you just heard was pure, raw, talent. Not a crappy performance. She puts her everything into every performance she does and you can't tell me that after watching this you think that she didn't. From her high notes to her spectacular runs, she did amazingly.


I hate jealousy and pettiness. If you say she can't sing or didn't do that right, please post your live cover of the song and put the link up here. Demi Lovato has pure vocal power, and sure, her voice may be a little raw, but it's the rawness that her fans seem to really love. And those high notes she hit are out of this world. So, if you think she can't sing, you're just hating. Anyway, if you still need more proof that she's far better than you, go to youtube and look up her MTV NYE performance of the same song, and THEN tell me she can't sing...


First of all, who the heck said she was off? She sang all of those noted perfectly and the media/paparazzi are just trying to find a way to put her down, but she is a model to other people so if you bring her down her fans can get no hope or faith that everything is going to be okay.


yes i can sing but i'm just being truthful, i can't deceived myself if she really can't sing. sorry guys. I mean if she's really good, i will say that too. it was a bad choice for someone who is struggling to hold her tune already, again, sorry if it upsets people who is disillusion to keep saying she's great. Her makeup was really good though and her dress is stunning, there, feel better?


OH and I forget to say, she rocked that dress and that hair style. People you should be open to change. She's the future, she's not going anywhere so get use to her face and her voice, because when you turn on the TV you will see her, when you turn on the radio you will listen to her, when you buy a magazine she will be on the cover, like I said before she isn't going anywhere! Demi is gonna lasts bitches!


Everyone can critizise the way she looks, her hair style or the dress she was wering but her voice is the most beautiful voice I ever heard. Maybe se messed up some times, she's not perfect and I'm sure none of you are either, but if you say that she can't sing, you got a big problem. She is not like all the other stars that with a pretty face make their way to hollywood. She is there because of her talent and maybe you are jelous or I don't know but I was very surprised by all the comments. But it doesn't matter, haters can help too. So talk about her, with every word you say you make her more famous and stronger! And if you still believe or think that she can't sing, I'll give some advice: watch her performance on youtube, Because you're fucking wrong! Whit love a crazy lovatic xoxo

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