David Beckham H&M Underwear Ad: Revealed, Hot!

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With David Beckham's contract with the L.A. Galaxy ending this past November after a huge victory in the MLS Cup championships, his professional future is unclear.

Crystal clear, however, is ... just look at the H&M ad below!

H&M David Beckham Underwear Ad

Even though the father of four's day job is unsettled at the moment, there is no doubt his side gig as a celebrity fashion designer has kicked into high gear.

The first ad for the 36-year-old's line of body wear for H&M debuted today, revealing who else but the soccer star himself stripped down to his briefs. Wow.

Flaunting his toned bod and tattoos, Beckham wants you to know you can get in his underpants around Valentine's Day. In a manner of speaking of course.


I would love to unwrap that gift! WOW!!


i have a crush on this man


bet he feels so good out of those briefs. yummo!


Soo hot! I luv it

Bob sodervick

BOXER BRIEFS #1 That's my choice in underwear...not boxers (everything flops around..no support), and not briefs (too snug, kills the tadpoles...looks good on preteen boys) for me tho...its boxer briefs or COMMANDO!

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