Dakota Fanning: Too Young For Racy Cosmopolitan Cover?

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Dakota Fanning's appearance on the new cover of Cosmopolitan has sparked controversy. Reason being: she's 17 and the magazine is full of risque material.

Fanning, who turns 18 next month, appears gorgeous and grown up with dark eyes, light blonde hair and a form-fitting dress on the cover of the February issue.

That alone probably wouldn't draw fire from critics, but look the article teases:

Dakota Fanning Cosmo Cover

Some say a minor shouldn't promote a publication with content such as “His Best Sex Ever,” “Too Naughty To Stay Here: But You Have to Try This Sex Trick,” and “Um, Vagina Are You Okay Down There?” But Cosmopolitan defended its decision.

“It is one thing to educate young women about sex and their bodies, but putting a young, underage girl on the cover of a magazine that had long been known to push the limits is sending the wrong message,” one media watchdog said.

Cosmo's response: "We’re thrilled to feature Dakota Fanning on the February cover and she looks stunning. Dakota, who turns 18 this month, is a mature, fearless young woman and we're proud to honor her as our Fun Fearless Female of the year."

Tell us: Is Dakota Fanning too young to cover Cosmopolitan?



i have seen worse on toddlers and tieras.whats wrong with what she's wearing??/


She'll be 18 when the magazine comes out so she'll be an adult. What's the problem? It's not racy. Geez.


Why can't she be in CosmoGirl,Seventeen or Teen Vogue? That is more her age range. What do they mean about feerless young women? Isn't she a teen? Doesn't she have alot of teen fans now from twilight saga? Maybe Cosmopolitan wants those teen twilight fans to buy their magazine?


I'm sure she didnt pick what cover stories would be on there. Good Riddins.


Wow, unbelievable. Let's see.... she's on the February cover of Cosmo, and she's turning 18 in February. Controversy? What controversy? Good grief people. I don't know what the laws are like in the U.S. but up here in Canada, a girl can legally consent to having sex at the age of 16. So she shouldn't be criticized for being on the cover of a magazine that contains sexual issues when she's 17 and only one month shy of turning 18. By the way, does anyone remember the Brooke Shields fiasco when she did the movie Blue Lagoon at the age of 13? She turned out to be a fine woman. Let's worry about things that really matter, shall we?


Why should a 17 year old girl be featured on the cover of a magazine that frequently features sex tips? Dakota has been over-sexualized for years, but I'm still surprised this is even a story. She is not the first,nor will she likely be the last.


I dont believe age dictates a persons maturity or innocence. Dakota seems far more mature beyond her years and the photo is tasteful. I think as a society we are still a little too stuffy about the sex topic. Talk to your kids at a young age and then you dont have to worry about them reading in a book...


I´ve always wanted to boink her!
Can´t wait for her to turn 18! Lots of upskirts to come!


yes too young for this magazine...What has happened to the innocence..
And no it is not ok for a girl to make out with another girl!!!


She's 17. She'll be 18 next month. She looks gorgeous, And she's been working since she was like 4 or 5, LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE

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