Dakota Fanning: Too Young For Racy Cosmopolitan Cover?

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Dakota Fanning's appearance on the new cover of Cosmopolitan has sparked controversy. Reason being: she's 17 and the magazine is full of risque material.

Fanning, who turns 18 next month, appears gorgeous and grown up with dark eyes, light blonde hair and a form-fitting dress on the cover of the February issue.

That alone probably wouldn't draw fire from critics, but look the article teases:

Dakota Fanning Cosmo Cover

Some say a minor shouldn't promote a publication with content such as “His Best Sex Ever,” “Too Naughty To Stay Here: But You Have to Try This Sex Trick,” and “Um, Vagina Are You Okay Down There?” But Cosmopolitan defended its decision.

“It is one thing to educate young women about sex and their bodies, but putting a young, underage girl on the cover of a magazine that had long been known to push the limits is sending the wrong message,” one media watchdog said.

Cosmo's response: "We’re thrilled to feature Dakota Fanning on the February cover and she looks stunning. Dakota, who turns 18 this month, is a mature, fearless young woman and we're proud to honor her as our Fun Fearless Female of the year."

Tell us: Is Dakota Fanning too young to cover Cosmopolitan?


Dakota Fanning, she is my wife.


Dakota Fanning is also a high fashion model who does runway modeling. She is signed on with IMG modeling and usually great modeling agencies pick girls as young as 15 or 16+ to start modeling. I give her credit for already having an opportunity and a chance to make it big in NY, Milan, Paris and much more one day. And the Cosmo magazine is just giving her boost to make it to great places one. Good luck Dakota!


clochette, Fanning's been known for making pretty daring (for her age) choices in what pieces she does, from a 12 year old rape victim (with an on-screen rape) to a psychic forced to grow up far beyond her physical years in Push to wild child Cherie Currie, age 15 when she joined The Runaways. Her upcoming roles include a teenage bride, a teenage assassin, and a teen dying of leukemia who lists 'losing her virginity' at the top of to-do-before-I-die list. I'm no fan of Cosmo but Fanning's a great actress to single out for being fearless and most of her roles since 2007 or so have been adult ones, in one way or another. Even her Twilight role is a sociopath whose greatest pleasure in life is causing pain (it's even her special vampiric ability to be able to do so psychically). She intentionally chooses more adult roles.


I personally dont think it has to do with age. unless she was 14 or 15 then maybe. not now. What my comment is,happens to be. first, she looks cute, pretty, adorable. the only thing is, I hate to see the Hollywood young people grow up so fast. my hope is her parents have instilled good values, brains in her. so many young stars blow their money, make bad choices, party to hard. just make the right good decisions to effect your life.


This is not Racy. It is a young woman in a fashionable gown. It is time that we take our country back from the Fanatical Right Wing Hypocrites.


oh c'mon!
we were all banging our brains out at 15!
and who do you think taught the boys?!
17 year old cougars.
miss fanning looks nice on this cover.classy and, she is doing what she wants.
get off her case!


YOur missing the point the Japanese banned it because of the position of the perfume bottle
being placed between her legs guess to them it looks like a penis!!!!
and Brooke Shields was in The Blue Lagoon at 15 naked check out the facts.


Seriously, remember Brooke Shields in the Calvin Klein jeans, she was what 13?


Just saying they are raising a stink about her beinga minor and on the cover of cosmo, However they splash that 17 year old minor Courtney whats her name all over there sites wearing less than Miss Fanning.... and that seems to be allowed


DAKOTA,DAKOTA,DAKOTA....Uptown girl queen,well you look stunning,i always loved you...