Cynthia Nixon Amends Statements on Homosexuality, Classifies Self as "Bisexual"

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Cynthia Nixon is trying to dig herself out of the hole she created with comments last week to The New York Times.

A few days after stating that, for her, homosexuality is a choice and that she did does care for the term "bisexual," the former Sex and the City star has given a new interview to The Advocate. In it, she clarifies that her initial statements referred solely her story and added:

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"I believe we all have different ways we came to the gay community and we can't and shouldn't be pigeon-holed into one cultural narrative which can be uninclusive and disempowering. However, to the extent that anyone wishes to interpret my words in a strictly legal context I would like to clarify:

"While I don't often use the word, the technically precise term for my orientation is bisexual. I believe bisexuality is not a choice, it is a fact. What I have 'chosen' is to be in a gay relationship."

Nixon concludes: "Our community is not a monolith, thank goodness, any more than America itself is. I look forward to and will continue to work toward the day when America recognizes all of us as full and equal citizens."

The star's original classification of homosexuality as merely an option created quite an uproar, with gay celebrity chef Cat Cora labeling the claim "dangerous" and asking for Nixon to address the younger members of this community in a more thoughtful, responsible manner.

She now appears to have done so.


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what if the Aussie fhater and his daughter had protected sex by the way?Apples and oranges and if they are consulting adults, why not? Mind your own fucking business.


Although, there may not be an excuse to bully homosexuals, it seems to me that it is the homosexuals who are doing the bullying now-a-days! Look what those credence did to poor Cynthia,...their own kind!


It can be quite sad Reed. I'm fine with people not accepting the lifestyle, but it's when they conduct themselves as jerks that ticks me off. Respect difference, not necessarily accept. I've heard horror stories of young adults living in the streets because the parent kicked them to the curb. This 24 yr old had his car spray painted with homophobic slurs. My son doesn't like guns, but I made damn sure he owns one. We go shooting once a leisure suit hahaha. You can't be that old, 80 year olds wear them. You crack me up.


Part 2- I said - ok let's just pretend that he is straight and has a wife and 3 kids. How's that! She agreed that would be a good thing. I said ok- Let's say he beat the crap out of his wife - would not pay Child Support and was in jail on a Rape charge. Her eyes got big and she walked away. I'm thinking- Oh Shit- how did she take that! 1 month later I'm at JC Penny's ( Last time I'll go in there- they don't even carry Powder Blue Polyester Leisure Suits) Anyway- this kid behind the Counter takes my C Card and reads my name and asks if I know his Mother- Yeah- it was her Son. He says thanks for shopping with us.... And by the way- My Mother says Thanks as well. True Story. As you know- All is not what it appears to be. Your right- there is not excuse for bulling Gay People.


@67- Part 1 -Honestly what I know about Homosexuality and what comes with it- is very little. I've heard people talk about being harassed by a bully and I've heard of the situation with teenage gays. I guess I never really put the two together. The only time I can remember having an encounter directly with the Gay topic was a few years ago. A Black Girl- High School Class Mate came to work at my Job. Hadn't seen her in years. After a few months she comes to me clearly upset. She says- There are people in our Hometown that are spreading rumors that her son was Gay! I haven't lived there in years and didn't know her son and really didn't know what to say. For some unknown reason I ask her- Would you feel better if he was straight? She said- YES of course I would feel better.


@67- You are Educating me- Thanks again.


@Jones-- So I'm guessing Valentines Day is pretty much out of the question at this point?


@ 67FUON3. When you support that type of lifestyle as you do, and for whatever reason, I do not expect you to agree with me! Especially since you are agreeing with a jackass like Reed. And I know that you are agreeing with an idiot like him out of spite because you resent my comments about homosexuality, and you know that I disagree with Reed because he is a racist asshole! Therefore, you think that you are justified by comparing the fact that Reed is a racist asshole to me disagreeing that homosexuals are born that way! But you know what, I don’t care! Because you will not be having your way with me! So go ahead!! Throw your comment temper tantrum!! And I am glad that you understand that not everyone agrees about everything. Because I definitely do not agree that homosexuals are born that way! And now innocent children are in the middle of that garbage too?! Yeah, right!! Good luck with your eldest thesis, 67FUON3!