Courtney Stodden to Followers: Show Me Yours!

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Beware, Twitter users. Courtney Stodden is on the prowl again.

The talentless 17-year old - who made headlines in 2011 for marrying a 51-year old actor and never not flaunting her cleavage - posted the following photo on her social networking account today, along with a caption that reads:

Come get down & dirty w/me while we floor flash together! I showed you mine... now show me yours. I'll RT the hottest!

Courtney Stodden Twit Pic

Stodden has frequently taken to Twitter and shared her supposedly seductive thoughts.

The floor above, meanwhile, has reported a burning sensation every time it pees.


All yall that hate on Courtney are short,fat and haue bad hair. Yall aint nuthin but busted ass sandwich makers. I got yo back Percy they just hate yall cuz they aint yall. They dinky ass cowboppas.


Dear God, please help this girl I really can't say anything bad about her because to me it's her parents fault if I dressed like that when I was 17 I would not had survive! My mom would beat the crap out of me! I honestly wonder what this girl will look like when she is 30 or 40. Maybe she might look like an old grandma.


What the hell is wrong with these people she looks like a 40year old crack hoe. I have daughters ones 18 an my goodness I would lock her up if she dressed and acted like that. Her parents should be locked up for pimping their daughter out and her husband should be looked at as a child molester its sick.

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Fuck Michael sam.


I'm already tired of hearing about Michael sam's lust for dick.