Courtney Robertson "Playing" Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor, Ellen DeGeneres Opines

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Courtney Robertson has Ben Flajnik wrapped around her finger on The Bachelor, according to viewer Ellen DeGeneres, who bluntly told Ben as much today.

If you missed Monday's episode, you missed a good two hours of drama, tears and Courtney pursing her lips and doing whatever it takes to get her way.

Ellen seemed to catch on, and she had a few words for Ben Flajnik regarding that model from Santa Monica who doesn't seem to be popular with fans:

"She manipulated you to try and get that rose. She said, 'Oh, I don't know how I feel.' Then you went and got the rose and gave it to her. That was not right."

Judging by the applause, the audience agreed with Ellen, who added:

"She may be a lovely person and you're probably engaged to her, but the thing is, the way that it was edited she came off not nice, and I could be wrong."

"I know it's not fair to judge someone like that, but she was just playing you... man. She was playing you. Saying all the things you wanted to hear."

Damn, son. Ben can't reveal much, of course, but did admit it would have been nice to have a mole telling him what went on in the mansion. Ellen's response:

"All right, I'm going to find you a nice girl because that didn't work."

As for her comment that Ben is "probably engaged to her," see our Bachelor spoilers page for what sources are saying about the season's endgame.


She is mean and... to be honest... not even that attractive... nice body, but ugly face (not much you can do about that). My husband and I agree that she is no only ugly on the outside.... but much worse on the inside.


Man I love Ellen! Courtney is evil. She may be pretty but man she sucks as a person! She is so stuck up and empty with no personality. No wonder she's on the show and single because she is not a good person! I hope he doesn't pick her! If he does, it would be like Brad's season... Brad picked Emily because she was pretty even though they didn't have the best connection. Ben should pick Kacie B! She is pretty, down to earth and genuine.


Erin, I disagree. That's how gross Courntey is that I had to look it up or develop some kind of high blood pressure due to watching it. They need to know it's not o.k. to have that kind of behavior on the show.


I actually couldn't stand her so much that I googled up spoilers and was shocked to find she wins! She's disgusting! Both my daughter and I will not watch any more. I hope the producers get the message that it's not "good" publicity when people actually look up the results and opt out. Boycott it. Love Ellen and she called a spade a spade. Ben's an idiot.


I cannot stand Courtney!!!! I hope she doesn't get a rose next week. I guess you don't have to have good looks to be a model cause she is butt ugly!!!!!


I can't stand Courtney. My husband read about spoilers.. and it does say she wins. WHAT THE HE... I almost didn't watch it anymore for this season. I just think she wants to win. I bet she ditches him later.. that's what he gets for picking her. He had so many nice, genuine, and pretty girls to pick from.


Erin, you're right about the spoilers. I'm sorry that I didn't think about that before I posted. Honestly though, I really don't have any more intel than anyone else does. I just heard the ending but I have no proof of it. I just hope that what everyone else is saying is NOT true and that this will be the last time we ever have to hear or see of Courtney Robertson. There is an interview on ABC that happened this morning with Ben and if you watch it, he doesn't say anything specific but I can tell you that just seeing it is uncomfortable to watch. He does not appear to be happy in any way compared to every other Bachelor/Bachelorette interview regarding the ending of the show. He looks and sounds completely miserable. I will see if I can find the link to post here.


Jillian, it's not appropriate to post spoilers on here.
I HOPE that b*tch Courtney saw that interview with Ellen...she must be so pissed off for being called out by Ellen. I can only imagine the kind of backlash she will get for her disgusting behavior on the show. The women tell all is going to be so good this year!


He does end up engaged to her. She is so phoney. There is no way this one will last. I would be surprised if they make to the after the rose ceremony once he sees her devious and vapid behavior from the series footage. She was a manipulator from the start and looked at Ben as a conquest and a game for her to win. This was never about love for her. This was clearly about exposure and fame. There is not much to this woman other than a deeply trained center part in her hair. I hope he pulls a Jason and realizes that the one he rejected in the end was the one he should have chosen.

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