Christina Aguilera Covers "At Last" at Etta James Funeral

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Christina Aguilera paid tribute to Etta James today at the iconic singer's funeral.

“She was the one that cut right through my soul. So tonight, Etta, this song is for you,” the 31-year-old artist said before belting out a version of "At Last."

Stevie Wonder also performed “Shelter in the Rain” with a church choir at the emotional event, while Rev. Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy for James, 73, who died last week at the due to complications from leukemia.


can someone pleeze slap the black outta christina. bitch thinks she be black and ruins every song she sing. all those vocal acrobatics sound like crap. she be one fine mess.


Christina told me she had her 0eriod and she leaked so thata blood running down her legg!


tracy, christina should have satyed home. her singing was horrible and she was dressed like a hooker. the poor family has suffered enough, they didn't need christina to compound it!


why dont u people get a life an stop critisizeing each othere. it take all sorts to make this world who are u to point fingers an critisize critise cristina she did go to profoform form etta with good intention


I'm over her vocal "acrobatics". What is that running down her leg?????


Omg you people act as if you never seen cleavage. So the cut was a little low, so what! Her arms, stomach and half her legs were covered! I dont remember Christina saying she was better than Etta James either. Christina has some of the best pipes in the biz and I cant believe some of you haters have the audacity to say that she cant sing/sounds horrible. Saying she was dressed as a whore is a little dramatic...God the commentors on this site are so judgemental and hateful. Get a LIFE!


Hey, Christina, did you think you were hitting a night club when you were dressing for Etta's funeral? Wake up you stupid trash, that dress was totally inappropriate. And your version of At Last was horrible! Your days as a singer are over, sister!


leo, i am familiar with al sharpton, i was just being sarcastic. i think he is an embarrassment to the black community. i cringe every time that man opens his mouth. he is disgusting and does not represent me or my views. i am mostly embarrased that he refers to himself as reverand since he does not conduct himself as a holy man (can someone say hymietown?)


First time greeting!!
Rev. Al Sharpton is the host of a show called Politic Nation on MSNBC.
The show airs weekdays at 6:00 p.m. and is sandwiched between the Chris Matthews Shows. In addition to being an activist for Civil Rights, Al Sharpton continues to be one of the most vocal pastors in our modern day history. *We may Not always agree with his opinion, but he is well versed and up to date on the latest (political) News and information and is Not shy about voicing his opinion. PEACE!!


dont disrespect christina shes a good singer and she did rly well etta james would of enjoyed it :)

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