Celebrity Rehab: Shelved By VH1 Amid Criticism, Cast Member Deaths

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Dr. Drew’s VH1 Celebrity Rehab center is closed for 2012 and possibly beyond.

The shows drew criticism following the deaths of actor Jeff Conaway and Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr, both of whom recently appeared in the program.

The events prompted a surge of criticism about VH1 and the show, where stars try to get help for their addictions, for not taking serious issues seriously.

Rachel Uchitel was treated for "love addiction," so critics had a point.

Mike Starr
Jeff Conaway Photo

VH1 will instead launch Relationship Rehab, which avoids potentially deadly abuse and dependency issues and instead will deal with mending relationships.

VH1 says Rehab is not cancelled and is simply off the schedule due to scheduling issues. Mmm hmm. Dr. Drew, meanwhile, has his new show Lifechangers.

Still, the network aired five seasons of Celebrity Rehab that increased in ratings, hitting 1 million viewers per episode last year, well over VH1's average.


Dena Grinslade took two words from"How it works." Rigorous Honesty ! I can still hear Jeff Conaway screaming at Daniel Baldwin, "take it back,take it back" when Bladwin accused him of bringing cocaine into the rehab center. Great acting Jeff. Are these celebs really trying to get sober or resurrect their dead careers? Two or three weeks of bickering about who farted on who or he said she said and I'm calling my agent is not going to get anyone sober.Reality tv at its best!


I am an addict/alcoholic in recovery. I have been sober for 4yrs. The deaths of Jeff Conway and Mike Starr should not really have had drawn scrutiny for Celebrity Rehab. Unfortunately, there are those that cannot recover because this is a disease that tells you that you don't have a disease, it also requires rigorous honesty. It is so sad that this disease that killed them. It's very difficult for addicts to become sober and stay sober, because you have to be really strict with your recovery and have to go after your recovery like you did your drugs, one slip and you may not make it back to recovery.


It's sad for the celebrities that couldn't recover but needs to stay a show for the ones that want to recover and can benefit from Dr. Drew's treatments!! With any rehab there is a success and failure rate. You can't withhold the proven positive and the future positive for the previous and future negatives. These are peoples' lives we're talking about!!


Can you please at the very least honor the passing of Mike Starr by putting his image up instead of guitar player Jerry Cantrell's (who's still alive FYI) Mistakes happen but you should really do some fact checking before you publish something, especially when documenting someone who has passed away!


I am so glad to hear this. .I have hated this show I think it is abusive toward celebrities especially Mike Starr . . I am really glad to see it is shut down .


How do these people not know that this is a picture of Jerry Cantrell?? Great journalism. Might as well have put up a picture of John Travolta instead of Jeff Conaway.


Not to defend the indefensible, but... love addiction is a real thing. Read the book LOVE ADDICT: SEX, ROMANCE AND OTHER DANGEROUS DRUGS for the science and history behind it.


Good lord. If you're going to put up pics, might want to get em right.... You put up a pic of Jerry Cantrell instead of Mike Starr. May want to fix that THG.

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