Celebrity Kids Wearing Makeup: Right or Wrong?

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Suri Cruise is by no means on auditioning for Toddlers & Tiaras.

Nevertheless, the famous 5-year-old TomKat kitten has raised eyebrows of late with her fashion choices (or more accurately Katie's), especially having been spotted in New York sporting crimson lipstick and a hot pink hat this week.

This begs the question: Do Hollywood kids grow up too fast?

Stylish Suri

Yes, this is Hollywood, where the rules are clearly different from the rest of the world, and we are not trying to single out Suri Cruise (normally a fab dresser) here.

She's far from the only star tot to don makeup, though, and you tend to see more of that sort of thing within celebrity culture than in the quote unquote real world.

Tarting up one's daughter during such tender years is not a crime or grave parenting error, it just seems a little unnecessary. Wouldn't you want to put that off?

Soon enough, they'll be acting and wanting to dress like adults. Why give them that push and hasten the end of whatever innocence they have left in life?

You tell us: Is it okay for celebrity kids to wear makeup?


Agreed with the other comment, it's just a little lipstick. My niece is 4 and she asks for a little bit of lipstick (we use chapstick with a hint of colour) for fun. Sometimes I'll swipe her cheeks with a brush pretending there's blush on it (she wouldn't even know the difference)and she loves it! "Getting pretty" is in every girls' DNA, unless you're caking on a face full of makeup (ala Toddlers and Tiara) there's no harm.


What's the harm if it's just a little lipstick? My 2 year old loves imitating the things I do so sometimes I let her put a little lip stick or blush on. She gets a kick out of it and it makes her feel special. I don't let her go out in "adult" clothes or have a full face of make up, but it's cute to see her experiment. After all doesn't EVERY little girl eventually try Mom's make up?

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