Cee Lo Green Changes Lyrics to "Imagine," John Lennon Fans Not Pleased

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Performing live on New Year's Eve, Cee Lo Green made a seemingly minor change to the lyrics to John Lennon's classic song "Imagine" that caused a big uproar.

Shortly before the ball dropped, Green changed the lyrics from "Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too" to "Nothing to kill or die for, and all religion's true."

This didn't go unnoticed by many fans, upset with the change.

In response, Cee Lo Tweeted, "Yo I meant no disrespect by changing the lyric guys! I was trying to say a world were u could believe what u wanted that's all."

That did little to comfort angered Lennon lovers, who lashed out on Twitter. Watch the performance below (around 4:00) and tell us if you think the criticism is warranted:

What do you think of Cee Lo's "Imagine" lyrics change?


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Cee Lo was wrong on so many levels, that song says a lot and he changed it. This had nothing to do with being an Athiest, which I am, and proud of it, it has to do with changing the meaning of a very well loved song to suit his ideas. He was so wrong, will not watch him again.


Awww, so many pissed off little atheists. So sad, too bad. Get over it.


For decades "Imagine" as song by John Lennon has been a classic hit,and a very moving song. From the beginning of the music until the end of the song,"Imagine" is written and performed as it was intended to be by John Lennon. There are hundreds of songs that can be covered by other artists, but John Lennon's version of "Imagine" is Not one of them. PEACE!!


It's okay to change up the music a bit for a cover song, but the lyrics should stay the same. If he wasn't comfortable using the original lyrics he should have chosen a different song. If everyone was religious, all religions and no religion would be the same, but since some people are not religious it excludes them, which is obviously not in the spirit of the song.


It totally changes the meaning of the song! Not only did he mess up the song, but he also just didn't sing it well! He didn't hit all the notes and I NEVER want to hear anyone else sing Imagine on New Years Eve. What ever happened to the good old recording of him?


"Nothing to live or die for" was a reference to all the wars fought over religious differences, which is why "no religion too" fits. Sorry Cee Lo, this is a classic song whose meaning is as relavent today as when it was written. I think you were just trying to "sanitize" the song. Good thing John Lennon is not around to comment.


Given the new era and the new social issues that come along with it, I think it is totally appropriate to change a well known and loved song to reflect that. Religion is very different today from when that song was originally written.


Not cool @ all!...most songwriters do NOT like when you mess with their work...it's like painting a nose ring on the Mona Lisa...jeeezzz


Otherwise, forget him.


That "seemingly minor change" changes the meaning of the song. If Cee Lo wants to sing his own messege, let him write his own song.