Cat Cora Calls Out Cynthia Nixon, View on Homosexuality as "Dangerous"

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Following Cynthia Nixon's declaration that homosexuality - at least in her case - is a choice, the reaction within the gay community has been strong, swift and mixed.

The harshest rebuke of the Sex and the City star has likely come from celebrity chef Cat Cora, who appeared yesterday on The Talk and said:

"I'm gay, and I was born this way," adding of Nixon's view and how it could impact others: "I really feel like it was dangerous and irresponsible of Cynthia, especially in this environment today when so many young people are taking their lives."

Cynthia Nixon, No Hair

Continued Cora, making a plea to the actress who is currently starring on Broadway:

"I know growing up as a young gay person how much you hate yourself, how much you already think you're different. And for someone to say, ‘It's a choice, you can be this way or that way,' I think it's dangerous and I ask Cynthia to please, reach out to the community and say - to all the people who do hate themselves right now, all the young kids who are impressionable - to say, ‘You're OK, take it one day at a time, it gets better.'"

Nixon has been in relationships with both men and women, but dismisses the classification of "bisexual."

I completely feel that when I was in relationships with men, I was in love and in lust with those men," she told The Daily Beast. "And then I met [girlfriend Christine Marinoni] and I fell in love and lust with her. I am completely the same person and I was not walking around in some kind of fog. I just responded to the people in front of me the way I truly felt."

Finally, in a Huffington Post article, Tracy Baim - editor of the Chicag-based LGBT publication The Windy City Times - writes:

"The bottom line is that those who hate us, want to cure us, or even kill us don't really take the time to understand these nuances.

"Yes, there are some who advocate a 'nature made us this way' argument to help us accept ourselves. But others still try to get gays to suppress their sexuality, or transgender people to suppress their gender identity, no matter how they got that way."


If she likes having sex with both men and women then that would make her a bisexual. Only for some reason she doesn't like to call herself that. But she shouldn't go around implying that you can choose whether you are gay or not, because, for most people at least, that's just not true.


The only person alive who should speak for Cynthia Nixon is Cynthia Nixon. If she doesn't want to define herself as bisexual then she does NOT have to! Encouraging and motivating children is a different issue. There are PLENTY of people who never identified as gay or bisexual who fell for the same sex later in life.


Mmmm gays are dumb


Wow, I can't believe someone who would come out publicly would in turn say something so incredibly ignorant. Is she trying to bolster the homophobic ideology out there? It's one thing to think it to your own (IMO: IGNORANT) self, but to say this when the media is listening is down right dangerous.


wow, what a FUCKING MORON!!!!


Cynthia Nixon is a fucking idiot, despite the fact that she dismisses the term bisexual, clearly that is what she is. She needs to stop grasping for attention and yes, focus it towards young people and children who do need to hear "It gets better, hang in there, you're not alone in how you're feeling or what you may be going through."

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