Casey Anthony Video Diary: Possibly Hacked, Definitely Her

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Plenty of questions surround the strange Casey Anthony video diary, which mysteriously surfaced online a day ago, but two things are crystal clear:

1. Everyone's talking about it, and 2. The whole thing is bizarre.

No one seems to know why Anthony would record the thing, but even more strange is the lack of information regarding its release and Casey's role in that.

It almost magically appeared in the Facebook ether without explanation, even by the person who posted it. Even that anonymous person pleads ignorance.

The video is taken in mirror image, thus making it harder to pinpoint her location, and the audio cuts in and out throughout, which may indicate editing.

Some think it was released by Casey Anthony, unintentionally or intentionally, only to be yanked offline quickly, but not before one person discovered it.

Others, chiefly Anthony's attorney Cheney Mason, feel her computer was broken into by a sophisticated hacker. Mason told the Today Show as much:

"If we find out who did it and how they did it, then they are going to be, I hope, answering to state and federal law enforcement agencies," he said.

Meanwhile, the original YouTube poster, who claims he didn't steal it, spoke to E! News about how he got his hands on it ... and is extremely vague.

"I checked Facebook one day and I had a message saying, 'I have some things that you might be interested in and I trust you with it,'" the poster said.

He would not reveal his name for obvious reasons.

Adding that he was sent the video by an unnamed acquaintance, he says, "They gave me the video because they trusted me with the video and the pictures."

"They knew I would not try and make money off it. And if it did leak onto the Internet, they would be authentic and that they were not fake Caseys."

The poster said before releasing it on YouTube, he blocked out names of specific people Casey mentioned before posting it onto his channel as "unlisted."

Asked why he released the clip at all, the poster said he simply wanted "Casey Anthony supporters to see that the secretive 25-year-old "is happy."

Casey Anthony has supporters?

And despite the viral spread of the footage that he made possible, the poster insisted that Casey never intended the video for public consumption.

"Casey did not want people to see these videos. Cheney Mason, her lawyer, says that Casey is doing the video diaries as a form of therapy."

"She has nobody. She has her dog and her webcam."

And yes, that was video diaries, plural. The poster confirmed he was in possession of a second video of Casey but does not plan on releasing it.

The first video was up for four minutes before, the guy says, the Facebook group The People Against 'We Support Casey Anthony' found and reposted it.

That is the alleged source of the widespread leak.

"I did not mean for this to happen. I wish it would go away," the poster said. "It snowballed out of control. I feel sorry for her because the media is ripping her and the video apart. They need to let the girl live. I respect the constitution and she was found not guilty."

The poster clarified that he does not know and has never met or been in contact with Casey Anthony, but claimed to know that Anthony has since altered her physical appearance from the blond bob and glasses look she had in the video.

Well, that settles that. Raise your hand if this clears it up for you. Hello? Anyone?


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Casey Anthony second video diary leaked online here


"Snowballed out of control" ... where did we hear that line used before? ... during her trial ... nice.


Casey made this video with the purpose of making it public. She is drawn to the media and the attention. Poor Casey, she is feeling a little violated? What happened to her daughter's rights to live? Give me a freaking break. The funniest thing is that her dirty lawyer states"whoever hacked in Caseys computer will have to speak to the state or federal authorities? Really? Casey clearly killed her child and got away with murder. Casey looks extremely happily crazy. What type of a mother who lost her only child in the worst nightmare, would ever make a diary video of herself and not mention her daughter once. This world is coming to an end quickly with evil people like Casey who have absolutly no remorse. To those who follow her, my suggestion is have a kid with her or let her babysit a loved one. Better yet, sleep with her but make sure to leave one eye open, cause she is coming for you!!!!!


Star quality?? She murdered her baby girl. You must be a real winner....


Wow, Casey is beautiful, isn't she? Look at that smooth, creamy complexion, and her tantalizing, tempting cleavage, just enough to drive a man wild. She has that star quality, like Marilyn Monroe had.


Notwithstanding the predictable denials by her legal team that they're ignorant of how the video came to appear on line, the simple answer is the video is a trial balloon, a moist finger to the wind if you will, sent up to gauge the public mood. To what purpose? The team hasn't yet seen cent one of their 7-figure fee and it's important that she not fade from our collective memory. There are tabloid interviews, TV appearances, and lucrative book deals to be negotiated that will more than satisfy the fee. Can it be that her version of "If I Did It?" is already being drafted? However, when later this year she's fulfilled all her legal obligations to Florida and she's been sufficiently groomed for her public reemergence, it's my hope then that everywhere she attempts of "tell her side" common human decency and revulsion is triggered and she's quickly hooted off the stage. Is there anyone who could possibly believe anything this pariah, this repugnant compulsive serial liar says?

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