Casey Anthony Offered $1 Million For Interview

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It looks like Casey Anthony has a million dollar decision to make.

A Florida law firm representing a group of Hollywood producers is looking to revisit talks for her first interview following her split with attorney Jose Baez.

In a letter dated Tuesday, the firm of Cohen & Kuvin tells Anthony's new attorney, J. Cheney Mason, that all sides had previously agreed to a mega-deal.

Until Baez pulled out, that is ... and parted ways with Casey for unknown reasons. In any case, sans Baez, they're still interested in getting a deal done.

California-based producer Al Taylor, who’s worked on behalf of The Jerry Springer Show in the past, was previously linked to a potential deal with Anthony.

Springer denies his show was involving in making any such offer.

The 25-year-old, who was controversially acquitted of murder, manslaughter and child abuse in the 2008 death of her daughter Caylee, remains in hiding.

Mostly. She resurfaced in a video blog released earlier this month, though the exact leak of the Casey Anthony video diaries has yet to be determined.


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@lars...sweet? Not to Caylee. Casey makes me want to spew vomit and so do you. I wish you would shut the fuck up with your hero worship of this woman. Even if there wasn't enough evidence to convict her of murder, she still waited a MONTH before she reported her baby missing, and during that time was out partying it up. She is a disgrace as a human being, and so are you Lars, and all the people like you who are turning her into a celebrity. You make me sick. Do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP.


@Lars Svensen


Still can't figure out how there are people who actually think she's innocent, or some kind of celebrity for that matter. Her claim to fame? She lied to everyone through her teeth about anything and everything. And she partied like a slut while her daughter was dead. Then she got away with murder at the most or severe child neglect at the least by the stunned and stupid Pinnelas Twelve. And this makes her a star? Because some people have fantasies of doing her and so she's innocent? Talk about low standards. If she did any kind of interview, there is no way on earth you can believe a word she says.


Why is anyone surprised we knew this day was coming. And it's our fault for watching and being interested.


Wow, this just ruined my day. This is disgusting. She can't just be happy about having her freedom and the chance to live a normal life? She thinks she's entitled to profit from her horrible acts. Our system failed us so thoroughly she has the chance to get rich from this. Words can't even express how appalling I find this or the people who are offering her money. Thinking about it makes e wants to make me bang my head repeatedly into the wall. Someone needs to just kill Casey, that's the only way she'll go away. I sincerely hope someone does. I'm sick to death of this ugly, worthless bitch with her bacne and her sagging boobs. She makes me puke.


A televised interview with sweet & sassy Casey Anthony is easily worth $1Mil. She is a super-celebrity with millions of devoted fans & followers.


Why would anyone pay this little bitch 10 cents much less a lot of money to do nothing but lie? What could possibly come from something so ignorant. If true, everyone in this country should boycott the network/channel that televises this sham. Sad, sad, sad, if this is accurate information. Something as disgraceful as this actually makes the kardashians look good and I thought that was impossible.