Casey Anthony Claims Video Diary Hacked - And She is PISSED!

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Casey Anthony claims the video diaries that leaked online last week were stolen from her computer by a malicious hacker of unknown origin, reports say.

That's according to a probation officer at the Florida Department of Corrections, which is overseeing Casey's case. For check fraud. Not the murder thing.

The embattled 25-year-old made this claim during her recent meeting with her P.O., insisting someone illegally downloaded the clips off of her computer.

She then, unintentionally, returned to the public eye in this video:

A second diary surfaced a few days later, also cloaked in mystery.

Aside from the fact that it's Casey Anthony, the diaries themselves are mundane. As part of her therapy, presumably, she discusses her daily life nowadays, adopting a dog, having her nose pierced, getting a new phone and whatnot.

Nothing remotely embarrassing or even that interesting, frankly, but according to court documents, Casey's royally pissed the videos were stolen and her attorneys are openly promising they will come after the hacker if/when s/he is revealed.

We'd lay low if we were that person. Jose Baez doesn't lose.


If she is in hiding how would someone know what computer to hack? Will it break her probation if she ends up the one who leaked? Instead a bla bla bla why doesn't she make a police she will spend another year for a false report!! I have a question. Where was Caylee all the times that CMA was without her and not with a known human? ALL those times --was she in the trunk?


LOL..Jose doesn't lose! He is one of the biggest losers on the face of the earth! He will have to support this cow for the rest of his ugly's that for Karma


This b**&* needs to burn in hell. Plain and simple.


Nobody likes Casey Anthony...PERIOD. The entire world HATES her...I believe she had a hand in this to get $$$ or attention, since it has been proven that NBC is claiming the rights to the first video...if they OWN it, they had to of PAID for it....and now WESH is being rumored to have rights to the second video? Casey is trying to be a sneaky hoe. Hey, Casey, do us all a favor and BE GONE!


Who gives a fuck about this murderer! I believe KARMA is a bitch and it's coming for you Casey!


Casey Anthony video diary all videos -


she leaked them! She wanted to be back in the public eye!!


@Lars, shut the f*ck up, you freak. If you love her so much why don't you go and bring her to your house and you can support her murdering ass. Just don't leave your kids with her. You are an asshole.


Chic, charming, classy Casey Anthony is a shapely, seductive super-celebrity who can expect to attract her share of snoopers, stalkers, & hackers. She is lucky to have a dedicated defense attorney like Jose Baez to protect her from intruders & peeping-toms.


Oh my god. Why would she record herself like, "I got my nose pierced today." or "I went to the grocery store and got 25 cents off Skinny Cow cheese" ? Just to keep it on her computer? No. If it was a therapy thing, use a flipcam or write in a diary or something. There are ways to keep your private videos private if you wanted to. If I were a hacker, I would not hack Casey Anthony's computer. And if I saw a video of her talking about the caterpillar she saw on a leaf in her backyard while she was picking out a weed from the lawn, I wouldn't upload it. Who cares? How is this information being released 'malicious'? Sweetie, you killed your baby. If any information that has been released about you was done so maliciously, it's that. But that's completely true, so obviously you're the one with the problem. Not this "hacker".

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