Britney Spears: Photoshopped Into V Pics?

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In the upcoming issue of V Magazine, Britney Spears discusses her management team, calling them "her second family," and poses for photos with them.

Well, the second part of that is up for debate.

The images have attracted considerable scrutiny, with some remarking on how quickly Spears seems to have slimmed down for this particular shoot.

Team Britney Spears

"She has clearly been working out regularly in an effort to achieve such a healthy, lean look," the Daily Mail (UK) notes judiciously. Fans were less PC.

"Photoshopped a dillion! That's her head on someone else's body," remarked one fan site. "Even Ray Charles can see the terrible 'Cut and Paste' job."

Weight-wise, it's not like Britney has been letting herself go lately. In fact, she's thinner at the end of her recent tour than she has been in months.

The Britney Spears photos do look weird though.

Britney Spears' Management Team

The lighting is off and her body seems to glow almost unnaturally. Are they posing with a Britney cardboard cutout? Or is that really Brit's face on someone else's body?

If V did alter the images, why bother??! So many questions here.

You tell us: Is Britney Photoshopped in these pics?


shes photoshopped in the picture. meaning she was placed in there and wasn't actually there for the photo. so easy to see.


wow that is soo fake.. it almost makes me mad. you can see the guys hand and jacket in the other pic... hahaha so dumb.


it looks more like her entire body as well as head has been added to a pre-existing photo


Well she's standing exactly the same in both pictures because they're the same picture (not two different ones). It's one picture that has been split in two to fit on this webpage. Look at what's behind her on each side of her body and see how it matches what's behind her in the other pic. If you imagine the two pictures together and not split into two, then it wouldn't make sense for the people to be separated into two groups with an empty space in the middle (at least that would be unusual to see). That makes it obvious that they are posing around somebody in this picture. Why wouldn't it be Britney? That wouldn't make sense. I don't think there's any photoshop used in this picture.


yeah i noticed it the sec i seen the pic. i could see that they stood by the billboard cutout of her..but that time i didnt read the article so i thought it was intended!! i was really surprised when i seen that people thought that its actually real


She just happens to be standing exactly the same in both pictures, she's as tall as the men and her head is unnaturally attached to her neck. Ridiculous. Do they think people are that stupid?


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