Boycott Kim Kardashian Website Owner Identified, Sort of Shady

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This doesn't make Kim Kardashian any less wooden or any less of a money-starved waste of large breasts. But the man running a website that encourages folks to boycott companies that employ the celebrity has been identified.

And he has a criminal record.

Kim Kardashian in Black

TMZ reports that the owner of BoycottKimKardashian dot com is named Frank Basti and he recently finished parole for a conviction of mail fraud. It stemmed from him sending false notices to car dealerships that claimed they had to cough up money to the DMV.

There's also a question over whether 650,000 people - as Basti claimed - have actually signed the petition, seeing as (which estimates website traffic) says a total of 24,000 visitors went to the site in December. The ex-con argues that he's including past efforts, such as a Facebook campaign, with his numbers.

Still, nothing about Frank Basti changes anything about Kim Kardashian. She remains a personality-free, talent-free creation of her media savvy mother and the social network culture in which we live.



It is real obvious that the Kardashians are now on TMZ's payroll. I have noticed that TMZ has NOT been carrying any of the negative reports that the other websites/tv shows are csrrying (by the way, these stories are true). I will no longer watch TMZ on TV or go to TMZ's website. It is also obvious that the Kardashians were looking for anything they could find to try and put the webite out of business. Good luck whore!


The fact still remains that there are plenty of people willing to boycott the brand and so much negative press will eventually help the demise the Kardashians already started.


I'd say the shady one is Kim. After all she did become famous for doing porn.


Does he have a record of taking a faceful of piss?


They're trying to get as much money and spotlight as they can. They know soon they'll be over just like paris. Can't knock them for that


The Kardashians are a sick bunch. They really believe all the hype about them. They need to go away, just like Paris and Kate.

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