Boycott Kim Kardashian Website Owner Identified, Sort of Shady

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This doesn't make Kim Kardashian any less wooden or any less of a money-starved waste of large breasts. But the man running a website that encourages folks to boycott companies that employ the celebrity has been identified.

And he has a criminal record.

Kim Kardashian in Black

TMZ reports that the owner of BoycottKimKardashian dot com is named Frank Basti and he recently finished parole for a conviction of mail fraud. It stemmed from him sending false notices to car dealerships that claimed they had to cough up money to the DMV.

There's also a question over whether 650,000 people - as Basti claimed - have actually signed the petition, seeing as (which estimates website traffic) says a total of 24,000 visitors went to the site in December. The ex-con argues that he's including past efforts, such as a Facebook campaign, with his numbers.

Still, nothing about Frank Basti changes anything about Kim Kardashian. She remains a personality-free, talent-free creation of her media savvy mother and the social network culture in which we live.



Kim Kardashian is the dumbest person I've ever seen she iz just so dumb she knows nothing she is an untalented bitch I hate her so much I hope she rots in hell I really do she a money grubbing bitch I hope KARMA. Strikes soon


There always has to be about kim


Fact- KK released credit cards aimed at young women with predatory fees that were deemed illegal. Fact- KK committed credit card fraud when she stole money off her first husbands mother. Fact- KK has been sued for copying designs from top shelf designers for her Dash label. Kim is a hustler and con woman who has repeatedly broken the law, the only difference is that she has never spent a day in jail for it.


Kim is the worse compared to Frank she was paid 5$ million for a sex tape, stole money from Reggie Bush mom, faked her own marriage and conned Americans 17$ million, she is suing old navy for 20$ million because 1 pretty woman looks like her was also banging Reggie Bush, that is why she is suing Old Navy so before you paint Frank check Kim first. We will still talk to our families, friends to sign boycott anything touched by a Kardashina. You never publish when Kim and her family gets booed when Odom is playing they only seem to report Kris, double standards, why? We are behind Frank. How many Americans sat for 4 hours watching this trash pig on tv for her wedding? I signed the petition and I will be checking how many signatures are there, how would you know it is only 24,000 signatures do not underrate that site it is over 650,000 so dont change the story. Kim is a pig, even if you put lipstick on it it is still a pig.


And Kim Kardashian isn't? (Shady that is)


obvious this fake bitch is behind all of this with her lawyer , Frank Basti is a wonderful man for opening this website to boycott is bitch and her fake family we are still behind him and everyone has a past they are not happy with so stop judging the guy his a nice guy god bless him and we are behind him in the movement it will not stop .


Kim is a loser. They pay people to do their PR. And that lawsuit she has for Old Navy is pathetic . No likeness whatsoever. Kim is evil
and two faced . How bout their copycat purses? They haven't an ounce
of self respect. Molinaro is wholesome . Kim isn't . Kim is just plain
trashy and has a botox face . Molinaro shows expression and isn't showing anything . She is fresh faced . Kim has so much make up , you could chizel it off . They look desperate.


@ jenn blaaa blaaa blaaaaaa blaaaaa!! let me give you a really good reason to write why dont you go down there and suck your fathers saggy balls lowlife loser do us all a favor -SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!


TMZ and the Kardashian PR machine are in full force! I find it mighty suspect that yesterday a story broke out that the Kardashian Barbie dolls AND all Kardashian magazine deals failed. E! Online posted the news yesterday afternoon. "Somehow" the story has been completely removed AND then an attack on the website's founder comes out today? Moreover, I also find it fishy that TMZ NEVER covered anything about the boycott or website and SUDDENLY now they report on it and it's an attack on the founder's "credibility". Tsk, Tsk. The Kardashians must think the American public really is stupid. Like we don't see through them...PUH-LEASE!! Their days in the spotlight are numbered. They should start working on their resumes so they can get out of our faces and find a REAL job. Just because an ex-con man runs the website it is not going to stop me from boycotting their krap.


You guys should get down on your knees and thank God every day for the Kardashians. Without them you would have nothing to write about. Maybe while your down there you could give a shout out to TMZ and supermarket tabloids as well.

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