Boycott Kim Kardashian Website Owner Identified, Sort of Shady

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This doesn't make Kim Kardashian any less wooden or any less of a money-starved waste of large breasts. But the man running a website that encourages folks to boycott companies that employ the celebrity has been identified.

And he has a criminal record.

Kim Kardashian in Black

TMZ reports that the owner of BoycottKimKardashian dot com is named Frank Basti and he recently finished parole for a conviction of mail fraud. It stemmed from him sending false notices to car dealerships that claimed they had to cough up money to the DMV.

There's also a question over whether 650,000 people - as Basti claimed - have actually signed the petition, seeing as (which estimates website traffic) says a total of 24,000 visitors went to the site in December. The ex-con argues that he's including past efforts, such as a Facebook campaign, with his numbers.

Still, nothing about Frank Basti changes anything about Kim Kardashian. She remains a personality-free, talent-free creation of her media savvy mother and the social network culture in which we live.



am not american but av had enough of her already How do we sign the petition, there'd be alot more votes if we knew how Google doesn't connect us to shit


adsense is misleading people by stating BOYCOTTKIM.COM is not a safe website, I connect to this website regulary and never had a problem. is not counting acurately BOYCOTTKIM,COM BECAUSE Frank did not give stats to try FIREFOX the browser no way that this website did 3000 conexions in december. TMZ knows that needs owner website to be able to count acurately but decided to treat Frank like a vulgar convicted, he has more brain than all TMZ self declared journalists. Frank has no insterest in scamming us but Kim and her family has all the interest in the world to pay everyone who could keep her in the spotlight, THANK YOU FRANK AND THANKS TO YOUR UNAMED FRIENDS WE LOVE YOU.


He defended himself but TMZ decided not to publish his letter, he made marketing mistakes and paid for it, he prefered not to go to a trial. He is not a danger to me I recieved no unwanted mails i can confirm that my computer was not hacked (i have a very good professional tools for detecting all this stuff)


I don t know personaly the founders of but they are to me Heros, Frank past Frank story does not matter to me, he is not a public persona neither a celebrity or a wannabe celebrity, I m not racist against convicted people (he does not have blood in his hand at the opposite of Kim father who defended Nicloe murder) i judge Frank and his friends by what they are doing today to Society and today his fight is so right great and everything he said in his weebsite is what I thing about Kim and her family.


Lol i love talking about how Money hungry and will do anyyyything for fame! Its amusing how she stoops so low! Sooo yes i love spending my time talkig about how this girl definitley dont have morals! I want to continue on here so people can continue boycotting their shit, her and her family are coming down, lol even got replace by a dog from sketchers! Lmao a nice way of saying bye bye .. after this year .. they had no choice. So yes i enjoy every minute.


Lol, i love people who call her dumb and yet her name is everywhere and shes rich as hell. Im not a fan, but i don't obsessively bitch about here none stop. If you really hated her youwould ignore her, an publicityis good publicity.


Did anyone see how she edited her show Kim and Kourtney Take New York and how badddd she edits the damn show!!! Poor kris they make him look sooo bad! Its soo obvious that they edit the show,pleeeewase take a look of the episode where her and her mom are in the car leaving Dubai ,pay attention bc they edit that scene hardcore! While her and kims mom kris tlk they add kims voice in the scene while the cameras on her mom! Check it out! AGAIN trying to make kris look bad and trying to give her 72 marriage an excuse! Fakeeeeee !!!


Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy does KIM CONTINUE to lieeee about having anything done to her face!!!! She has said it numerous of timess that shes only had botox its so obvious that the only reason you have that pretty face is bc you got soooo many things done! Jyst come out and say it,quit lying and being fake! You've obviously have gotten a nose job,lip injections, cheek implants.... Damn girl stop messing with your face! Yoy can totally see the differnce in before and after pics, dont even look armenian anymore!


I agree with maggie! Seriously over kim kardashian! Ill boycott with frank! I couldnt believe she would sue old navy!!!??? Really! Is there girls out there that cant have brunette long hair and that are pretty now,bc kim gets jealous and has to sure bc she thinks it has to be about her! That is ridicules!!!! Like u dont have all the money in the world already! And its like do something great with that money.. like charity ir something! Its soo funny how shes being portraied now,ppl are finally realizing it! The girl couldnt even go to counseling or work on her marriage before pulling the plug! How were u raised! And her mothers even worse,having an affair with a younger man while still married to their dad! Poor guy ! Did you see how she wrote a book and just flaunting how they had crazy sex everywhere! Very classy kris! I'd be so embarrassed being a kardashian! Her mother needs to stop trying and pimpimg out her kids and start having some morals!!!!!! What happend to that!


Why does it always have To be about kim!I mean I'm not hating on her!but it always has to be about her! I'm getting pissed Off

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