Boycott Kim Kardashian Website Owner Identified, Sort of Shady

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This doesn't make Kim Kardashian any less wooden or any less of a money-starved waste of large breasts. But the man running a website that encourages folks to boycott companies that employ the celebrity has been identified.

And he has a criminal record.

Kim Kardashian in Black

TMZ reports that the owner of BoycottKimKardashian dot com is named Frank Basti and he recently finished parole for a conviction of mail fraud. It stemmed from him sending false notices to car dealerships that claimed they had to cough up money to the DMV.

There's also a question over whether 650,000 people - as Basti claimed - have actually signed the petition, seeing as (which estimates website traffic) says a total of 24,000 visitors went to the site in December. The ex-con argues that he's including past efforts, such as a Facebook campaign, with his numbers.

Still, nothing about Frank Basti changes anything about Kim Kardashian. She remains a personality-free, talent-free creation of her media savvy mother and the social network culture in which we live.



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Boycott Kim Kardashian Website Owner Identified, Sort of Shady
Now tell me it's not real!
You are welcome)


When i catch the asshole who first had the idea of Kim Kardashian I am going to throw them in to hell were thay belong, What asswipe jerkoff had his and or her head up there ass when thay came up with that bullcrap!! Then im going put my boot so far up there ass, that there grandchildren are going to feel it, in there teens yet! Im going to twist off the top of there heads, pull there brains out! (if they got any?)Now that i got that off my chest,don't Kim Kardashian have a great set of titts!! but still a butter face;
yo man peace out


How's that boycott going? Do you morons really think someone that looks like THAT will go away any time soon??? Just remember who has millions of dollars and is the most gorgeous woman to ever live on the planet, while you all ask "would you like fries with that?" 4 hours a day and go home to your mom's basement afterwards. LMFAO BUNCH OF SAD LITTLE LOSERS!!!


The karTRASHian's are shady criminals themselves, so what's the problem? They just haven't haven't gone to jail. YET!


I guess "suitpee" has never stood for anything but an uninformed opinion. We aren't talking hate or jealousy when it comes to the karTRASHians, We are talking about stopping obvious criminal activity on every level. Do you think over half million people are boycotting this family due to simple hate? NO! These people are lying and stealing from the charities that we have spent time supporting and WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT!!! I cannot give all the details suitpee, but do some research and try to open your mind to what we are doing and what these K-TRASH theives are stealing from the consumer, every single day. Your name sounds like your are a kim fan. "Pee' on kims face in the hotel "suit" = "suitpree" .


I just want to know. When will we finally be a Kardashian free society. For those of you who think she is beautiful, you have obviously never seen her in real life. She is short and fat. Just because she puts on make up and sometimes an expensive(given to her) designer dress does not make her beautiful. The pictures you see are photoshopped. In real life she is nothing but a short chick with saggy boobs and the hugest butt I have ever seen. She actually has a freakish body.


"Kim Kardashian. She remains a personality-free, talent-free creation of her media savvy mother and the social network culture in which we live." You forgot to mention that Kim is also one of the most beautiful women on the planet. That counts for something... No?


i'd like to personally meet you frank and give you a high five. i dont give a sh*t what you did in your past the only thing that matters is u started this website and its amazing hahaha bye kim!!!!


Hi kim ilove you for ever

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