Beyonce: Still Pregnant!

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Despite what Twitter tries to convince us with its "Beyonce gives birth" proclamations, and as cute as the name Tiana May Carter might be, Beyonce is still pregnant.

One of the most hyped celebrity babies of all time has yet to arrive. 

You can't believe everything that you read on social media. Beyonce and Jay Z were totally spotted dining at Brooklyn's Buttermilk Channel on New Year's Eve.

Her baby bump was present and accounted for. Rumor quashed.

Pregnant Beyonce Photo

Jay-Z and Beyonce's baby is due in February.

The rumor started after the luxurious birthing suite at New York City's St. Luke's hospital was reserved last week, and "hospital staff" claimed it was for Beyonce.

Gossip spread like wildfire online, as these things have a way of doing, but rest assured, the beautiful bun in that oven will be baking for another month or so.

If that changes - or if Twitter tries to induce labor early - we'll let you know.



It's ok guys....Beyonce's beautiful baby is coming soon. And you will all see the child/monster, lol


It doesn't matter right now! What does matter is that JayZ has got to be the Most Ugly individual alive on this Planet! He has A Fu*king Face that looks it was hit with a Bucket of Assholes! That Freakin Grill could make a Grand Piano! let's hope the kid looks like Fittttttttty Cents!


I hope these "hospital staff" people get fired for confidentiality breeches. If they are like this now, imagine what they will say when the day comes.


@janelle I agreed. Her Stans believe everything she says and does when she has been caught in her lies so many times. She doesn't tweet, retweet, DM, or reply to her stans on Twitter. She has zero tweets. She care nothing about them. I find it hilarious how she makes a big announcement at an award show, but can't tell what she craves, how she has morning sickness, or what she is having. LOL @these people who worship her.


@lisa because beyonce clearly doesnt know how to count the months in pregnancy,playing games and using a so called unborn child to get attention. Beyonce said she was 6 months in september which means she conceived sometime in march,she announced her pregnancy in august on the awards show,so how is she 6 months only a month later when she was barely showing?,it also means shes not due until december or jan. doctors count 9 months and an additional week before you actually give birth,she clearly has a lot of learning to do.


Yall are all Ignorant!!


I think that all that stuff is crazy why do people think beyonces baby is fake it aint the babys name is tina may carter so shhhh


The word is THAT! Not "dat". Ugh nothing is more disrespectful to being an american than purposely speaking like an idiot! At least act educated so people will respect what your saying.


She is one hot pregnant mama !


bitch shut the fuck up beyonce is truly and sexy pregnant dont get mad becuz you start having sex at early age

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