Beyonce: Still Pregnant!

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Despite what Twitter tries to convince us with its "Beyonce gives birth" proclamations, and as cute as the name Tiana May Carter might be, Beyonce is still pregnant.

One of the most hyped celebrity babies of all time has yet to arrive. 

You can't believe everything that you read on social media. Beyonce and Jay Z were totally spotted dining at Brooklyn's Buttermilk Channel on New Year's Eve.

Her baby bump was present and accounted for. Rumor quashed.

Pregnant Beyonce Photo

Jay-Z and Beyonce's baby is due in February.

The rumor started after the luxurious birthing suite at New York City's St. Luke's hospital was reserved last week, and "hospital staff" claimed it was for Beyonce.

Gossip spread like wildfire online, as these things have a way of doing, but rest assured, the beautiful bun in that oven will be baking for another month or so.

If that changes - or if Twitter tries to induce labor early - we'll let you know.



@NotAFan411 She doesn't respond to her fans on Twitter. Celebrities created the website to stay in touch with us. She doesn't care about the idiots who are taking up for her. Open a Twitter account and type @beyonce in search. You'll see what I am talking about. Pathetic!


@dwatson What are you doing hypocrite? Exactly. Commenting on a Gossip site and have the nerve to mention God while taking up for a entertainer who don't live their lives according to the word. She isn't pregnant. It's hilarious how you Stans take up for her when she doesn't tweet, retweet, DM, reply, or follow you all back. Twitter is for celebrates to stay in connect with their fans quicker. Beyonce doesn't take the time to know YA'LL! You are a bunch of idiots who supports someone who don't care anything about you. She has ZERO tweets and so privacy now after making a BIG announcement at award show but can't tell her stans what she craves, about her morning sickness, or the sex of her baby. Her stomach did folded and have an interview in September claiming she is six months pregnant.


The due date is not adding up....damn I am confused as hell!!! Is the girl preggo or not?


You KNOW THE FUNNY THING IS , SHE's LIVING HER LIFE... PEOPLE GET ONE.!damn the woman is happy & successful. She's an entertainer & should be allowed some PRIVACY !!!!!! IF WE FOLLOWED GOD AS MUCH AS WE DO CELEBRITIES THE WORLD WOULD, BE SO MUCH BETTER OFF!!!


So, is she pregnant or not? I saw that tv show pics, her tummy folded, im confused. When your that pregnant you usually lower yourself into a seat so as not to squish the baby, i have 5 kids i know. Even if she did use a surrogate its not a bad thing. I just think its cruddy of her to pass it off like she is having a baby. Also isnt she suppose to be going on tour again? So whats the point of starting a fam if she cant enjoy it? And i was so happy for her too, at first...


That bitch aint pregnant!


If u don't believe then don't but why would u fake a baby when u are already rich that is just stupid it takes 9 monts to have a baby she mite of not been 20 weeks in augest o will believe it to it is proven wrong


I'm not a fan either-Not really. If Good Music is gauged by how loud you can sing then I would give her an A+. Destiny Child good songs- I could count them on one hand. She was on Piers the other night and going on & on about the Great Job The Prez was doing. I must have missed that "Ray of Light" and from the look on Piers Morgans face- I'm guessing he missed it as well.


My two cents is that she is using a surrogate...she doesn't want to mess up her figure, she's got the dough for it so why not go that route. That is why there has not been much mention or pics of her pregnant. That deflated belly on that vid(eo) did it for me. If what "Okay posted on January 2nd, 2012 8:26 PM" is true and she doesn't respond to fans that is terrible, I'm not a B fan & would not stay connected with her either if I were one of her fan. The girl can blow though & I do like some of her music.


I doubted her when I saw that picture of her bent looked weird. The math isn't adding up either. She was 20 weeks in August, we're in January. She should be due and reports say February. Way overdue by that point.

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