Beyonce Gives Birth to Baby Girl!!

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Beyonce gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday.

Seriously, it happened. This isn't just a Twitter rumor.

Ivy Blue Carter was born in New York City via c-section.

Aww. Beyonce famously announced her pregnancy on stage at MTV's Video Music Awards back in August, and since then, fan anticipation for the baby has grown by the day.

Beyonce Knowles Baby Bump

Proud dad Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, was at the hospital where Beyonce gave birth to Ivy. Shortly thereafter, congratulations came pouring in.

Rihanna wrote, "Welcome to the world princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih." Russell Simmons Tweeted simply, "Congrats to my good friends Beyonce and Jay-Z."

SO much so that Twitter even tried to name the baby girl Tiana May Carter last month. We think they picked out a nicer name themselves in Ivy Blue. Agree?

NOTE: Conflicting reports, including from MSNBC and E!, say the name is actually Blue Ivy Carter. The couple's going to have to clear this up at some point!

Either way, congratulations to the happy family!!



Who cares?? I'll bet that this publicity hog had the kid just so she could see her name in the media.


This whole thing doesn't make any sense. Beyonce was only shown like 3 or 4 times in photos when she was supposedly pregnant. SHe was hiding her belly with big shirts and scarves. Then when you did see her belly like once, she looked smaller than she was supposedly supposed to be for how many months pregnant she was. Now a c-section, and closing down the whole wing or floor of the hospital, and not even letting any parents see their own children. Come on!
Why is she so ashamed to just tell everyone the truth,she had a surrogate give birth to her baby.


beyonce was Not Pregnant , Beyonce was on youtube on a show one day . when she was standing you saw a baby bump when beyonce sat down her stomach went in ...... What that tells you ? thats Shes not really pregnant , Her sister Was carrying the Baby for her ..


Normal people do not get to have a c section just because they want to. Typically there needs to be some medical reason for the procedure because it does carry serious risks. However, in the world of celebrity, it is not uncommon for celebrity moms to "elect" to have an early c section to avoid that final, uncomfortable month of pregnancy. There are always doctors (even good ones) that are willing to cater to a celebrity's whim. Early delivery puts the baby at serious risk, but sometimes celebrity moms are more concerned with what can happen to their bodies in the final month (particularly stretch marks) than the health of their baby.




Ugh...people will believe anything, once the right person is saying it. Zombies. ANYWAY Beyonce is loved by so many people, who wouldnt want to be happy for her its BUT there's just so much controversy swirling around her pregnancy, cause things just didn't quite add up. It's hard not to have doubts. Lenox Hill is an amazing hospital. She would have gotten VIP treatment one way or another, shutting down the floor was overkill. IF there wasn't so much doubt around her pregnancy, her hospital floor take over wouldn't seem like a big deal, but because of all the "is she, isn't she actually pregnant controversy", it just looks that that more suspicious.


i remember B once doing an interview where she said she was her sisters birth partner and it really scared her so maybe she had a phobia and thats why she requested a c section, in aug she was about 4 months and it makes sense that they only told people then because they had to , when she showed on stage Jay was really happy and juming round every where NOT fake


Tiana May is MUCH nicer than Ivy Blue. FYI it's Blue Ivy, Beyonce tweeted it, still a $hit name though.


wow- i cannot believe there are this many IDIOTS in the world! im currently 6 months pregnant with my 3rd child & i can say that all women carry children differently. my 3 pregnancies have certainly been different! with my first child i barely showed at all & i could move very well at 9 months. my stomach was very oval & you could not tell i was pregnant from behind. with my 2nd i got much bigger, i looked like i was carrying twins but only had 1 7 lb baby. with this pregnancy again you cant tell im prego from behind but from the side i stick out like crazy & have a very oblong belly. they DO NOT allow you to get a c-section "whenever you want" cuz it can seriously harm your child. if you know ahead of time your going to need a c-section they give you the timeline & you can pick which date you want. when she showed her bump at the show she was CLEARLY at least 4 months along. different shirts & pants changes your apearance just like any other clothes at any other time of your life.

Avatar happy for u both.

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