Beyonce Gives Birth to Baby Girl!!

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Beyonce gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday.

Seriously, it happened. This isn't just a Twitter rumor.

Ivy Blue Carter was born in New York City via c-section.

Aww. Beyonce famously announced her pregnancy on stage at MTV's Video Music Awards back in August, and since then, fan anticipation for the baby has grown by the day.

Beyonce Knowles Baby Bump

Proud dad Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, was at the hospital where Beyonce gave birth to Ivy. Shortly thereafter, congratulations came pouring in.

Rihanna wrote, "Welcome to the world princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih." Russell Simmons Tweeted simply, "Congrats to my good friends Beyonce and Jay-Z."

SO much so that Twitter even tried to name the baby girl Tiana May Carter last month. We think they picked out a nicer name themselves in Ivy Blue. Agree?

NOTE: Conflicting reports, including from MSNBC and E!, say the name is actually Blue Ivy Carter. The couple's going to have to clear this up at some point!

Either way, congratulations to the happy family!!



Congratulations....all the best to your new beautiful family!!!


Everybody knows that she is not the first to have a baby if she did every body knows that beyond will not alter her body for anyone but god bless her and congrats to their family


Whatever they named the baby and however it got here, it's none of you ignorant haters' business. Beyonce and Jayz are successful, you're not. Get over it and get some lives. Sheesh!

Ms billie

Some of these comments are totally crazy. On the comment that she wasn't as big as she was suppose to be that is a stupid comment. First of all she didn't have to get as big as an elephant to carry her baby full term. Every woman gains and carries a baby differently. I never wore maternity cloths until I was 7 months and only gained 15 pounds. The day after the birth of my son I only weighed 1 lb. more than my normal weight. On the other hand my sister gained forty some pounds during her pregnancy. As for the C-section if you weren't in the delivery room how do you know there wasn't a medical factor that decided the surgery. As little as 1 lb could make that decision for the birth.


HitGirl, "normal" people do in fact have C-Sections every day. C-Sections are more common and aren't always done on a medical basis. C-Sections are more expensive yet carry less medical risks (which equals to less medical malpractices with patients paying a larger bill). So, in reality C-Sections will continue to more common as the years go by.


destiny, WTF? Can you please provide proof that her sister was carrying the baby for her or was this just words from someone who likes to post cdumb comments?


I believe the name is actually Blue Ivy Carter.


Does the baby look like Jay Z? Glad I don't have to hear on her pregnancy anymore
& I still don't believe it's her who gave birth to that baby.


To the people saying that it was all a hoax because she never looked pregnant during the pregnancy, I know for a fact that it is a possibility for her to only show every now and then due to the fact it is how my sister-in-law was during all 4 of her pregnancies. And the person saying that you can't elect to have a c-section these days unless natural birth poses a threat to the child or mother you can these days. And really to everyone saying anything about B and Jay-Z and Ivy, does it really matter how the child got here? No. I for one just care about if a child is going to be in a loving home, and guess what, she is. So to B and Jay-z congrats.


Beyonca was pregnant she a star and this is her first baby her body went through alot look at her shape before she was pregnant we as women don't want to look like that don't worry how the baby got here its none of our business

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