Beyonce Gives Birth to Baby Girl!!

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Beyonce gave birth to a beautiful baby girl yesterday.

Seriously, it happened. This isn't just a Twitter rumor.

Ivy Blue Carter was born in New York City via c-section.

Aww. Beyonce famously announced her pregnancy on stage at MTV's Video Music Awards back in August, and since then, fan anticipation for the baby has grown by the day.

Beyonce Knowles Baby Bump

Proud dad Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, was at the hospital where Beyonce gave birth to Ivy. Shortly thereafter, congratulations came pouring in.

Rihanna wrote, "Welcome to the world princess Carter! Love Aunty Rih." Russell Simmons Tweeted simply, "Congrats to my good friends Beyonce and Jay-Z."

SO much so that Twitter even tried to name the baby girl Tiana May Carter last month. We think they picked out a nicer name themselves in Ivy Blue. Agree?

NOTE: Conflicting reports, including from MSNBC and E!, say the name is actually Blue Ivy Carter. The couple's going to have to clear this up at some point!

Either way, congratulations to the happy family!!



congrats to jay and bey,i wish them the best of luck in raising there fist child.


The c section thing is no longer a issue seeing as though the statement she made earlier stated that she had Blue first I was kind of believing she did not really have this baby but now its just something telling me she really did have her.but either way if she did then she did if not then oh well that is something that is personal I realize they are famous their life is out in the open all the time but some things are just extremely personal, such as this, and is kept between them. I am sure even if she did not have this baby, they will probably never tell anyone so we will never truly know. but whatever the truth is, we should be congratulating them instead of bashing and questioning them..their baby or not their is a new addition to their family and I wish them the best!


Beyonce had Blue Ivy naturally, not by C-section. She and Jay did not rent out the entire floor of Lenox Hill. She's in a suite, the same type anyone who is having a baby can request. Yes, she has security, but they aren't the first or the last famous family to welcome a new addition who had a security detail around. Doctors, nurses, other staff, patients and visitors are free to come and go as they please in the hospital, but they aren't going to be able to stick their noses into Beyonce's room unless they are there in a professional capacity or on the visitors' list. I would expect the same courtesy as a patient in a hospital.


Congrats Bey and Jay-Z!! Welcoming a beautiful girl...


Congrads to the proud parents Beyonce and Jay-Z of her baby girl named Blue. I thought it was a cute name for a color.


Glad the Carter's had a lovely experience =\ What about the other mothers to be who couldn't even see their babies when they wanted due to the overwhelming amount of security on the floor.


omg i bet she is going to be beutiful


So many lies and holes in the story when she was to give birth .., sorry but when she was going to the hospital , she jumped into that SUV like she could not have been 9 months...the song Glory that Jay-Z wrote speaks about a woman having a miscarriage at the end , maybe B had one then went on to have someone else carry the baby that is why they shut down the whole floor ..anyway it will come out later on down the line ....


To me she a woman like so many she has a baby no big deal the reason why it is big deal is because of her name nothing more nothing less and she has the money to buy a complete floor for privacy. You can believe how many other women wish they could buy a floor to get their privacy but this is what happens when you have fame and money. But I hope she and her husband and new baby have a wonderful life as I am sure they will.


Hope the brat don't look like J "Jigga" (DONKEY FACE) Z!

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