Beyonce Baby Name: Blue Ivy Carter, Not Ivy Blue!

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Gwyneth Paltrow saves the day.

Just one day after Beyonce gave birth, her famous BFF has clarified a major detail online, revealing the correct name of Bey's beautiful newborn daughter.

Some sources reported the name one way, while others flipped the little one's first and middle names. But thanks to Gwyneth's Tweet, we know ...

It's Blue Ivy Carter, not Ivy Blue Carter!

Jay and Bey

It's all semantics really. We liked the name Ivy Blue, but Blue Ivy also has a cool, different ring to it. More importantly, she has two very loving, protective parents.

Not to mention, she's already one of the most famous celebrity babies of all time. We can't wait until the photos are released in the tabloids ... which won't happen.


This is a couple that waited years to confirm they were even married. Wait, that didn't even take place. Public records proved it, not the couple. You get the idea!

Congrats again to Jay, Bey and baby Blue!



Congratulation mother b and baby b


I hope she looks like her mom it would be awful to have a name like that and look like her father her name is bad enough


blue ivy? seriously? dumb dumb dumb. why not call her paisley potted plant? another case of stupid people giving stupid names.


Awwww Baby blue she's very beautiful n precious,get ready for this busy n the lights camera action scene congrats B hello n welcome Blue Ivy!!!!!


I feel so sorry for this little girl as soon as she is in school she is going to b harassed and bullied I have a French name jenevie school was hell for me due to mispronouncing but at least I wasn't name after a magic marker !!!


No lie at all My first name is Ivy my full name is ivy rose S..... and yeah i like it alot


Congratulations to your baby girl Blue Ivy its a bueatiful name. GOD bless you guys :)


Im a huge fan of beyonce so wh
o cares what the name of her baby its hers and she wanted to name its that so let them do their things myob y'all dumb people.


I'm hearing some scary demonic stuff about that name O.o but congrats guyss :)


omg congragulation i have a sister in law who is going to have a baby i would tell you the ate but i cant

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