Bethenny Frankel on Husband's Penis: Cobweb Filled!

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There may be a lot of action ahead on the new season of Bethenny Ever After  - which premieres February 20 on Bravo - but none of it will take place between the sheets.

So says the star herself in the latest issue of Life & Style, telling the tabloid her marriage is "not perfect."

Bethenny Frankel in Bed

Note to Bethenny: When it bed, put down the phone and pick up your husband's... nevermind.

"Jason and I are just settling into what married life really is, without the excitement of a wedding and the baby," Frankel says. "We come from totally different backgrounds, and we're going through it. I'm in therapy. I've always been good at business, but I've always struggled with relationships."

Case in point: on the premiere, viewers will listen as Frankel explains that "intimacy" between the couple is "challenging," giving us an image we now can't erase from our minds: "Jason's penis has cobwebs on it."

Enjoy quips such as this while you can, fans: the third season of Bethenny Ever After will be this show's swan song.


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I am very supportive of you Bethenny. A heterosexual marriage can't have two husbands. How can you expect him to feel male power when you challenge him for the top spot. Try hard to back off a bit. Let him be the man in the family.

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