Ashton Kutcher Reacts to Demi Moore Hospitalization with Silence, Random Tweet

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Let's be honest: Ashton Kutcher is likely very concerned about Demi Moore.

The actor may have a wondering pecker, but his heart is not made out of coal. Kutcher and Moore were married for six years, after all.

But in light of his ex's hospitalization this week, Ashton has remained silent. He's spent the week in Brazil, attending a fashion show on Sunday in Sao Paulo, and didn't give TMZ a comment last night when approached by a camera outside a nightclub.

Kutcher, Ashton

But Kutcher - or his management team, we suppose - did oddly update his Twitter account this morning, linking to a story about journalists and bloggers that use "drone" cameras and writing:

Citizen journalists take to the sky.

Responded a follower to Ashton's Tweet: Surprised this is where your focus is right now.



What does it matter what we the public think of Ashton and his response to Demi's obvious eating/inhaling disorder? Not my business on how he responds! Apparently her problem has been going on for many years! Hope she gets the physc help she needs and leaves him alone. Hope he's man enough to just not respond to any tabloid! I say they both should keep their private stuff private!


How do any of us know what really happened so he has a wondering pecker? Do any of you know for a fact that it wasn't an arrangement as long as no one knew?? Then when it was found out that's when it became an issue! Ppl are such hypocrits


Another Jesse James, LOSER. Damnit Ashton I really liked you too. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Maybe all of her bad habits are the reason he went astray and maybe he has had to deal with her issues for the past six years and it just doesn't phase him anymore. maybe he's moving on with his life. sometimes you just can't help some people and you have to learn to live your own life instead of trying to save someone else's. did anyone ever think of that?


I hope she gets the help she needs, and learns to love herself. She does not need this jerk to define her.


well if it were my x actin like demi i would not b by his side but i wuld b praying for him i think its atention she wants mayb not from kutcher





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