Anthony Bourdain on Paula Deen: What a Con Artist!

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Safe to say Anthony Bourdain is unmoved by Paula Deen's diabetes diagnosis.

Bourdain, who once called the butter-loving chef the butter-loving chef the most dangerous person in America, mocked her on Twitter for poisoning the public with her unhealthy food, then turning around and trying to profit off of it.

In a hilarious, obvious Twitter attack on Deen, Bourdain wrote, "Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later."

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Bourdain is upset that the high-fat, high-sugar recipe queen announced she has diabetes and subsequently became a paid spokeswoman for a diabetes medication.

There are reports that Deen knew for years about her diabetic condition and can't even eat her own dishes, but continued to hock her recipes on the Food Network.

All while negotiating a deal to endorse a diabetes-fighting drug. Obviously, Bourdain sees a serious conflict of interest in Deen's behavior and isn't mincing words.

Given that he calls her "dangerous" and "proud of the fact that her food is f**king bad for you," it's no surprise he's calling her out, and we don't expect it'll stop.


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people who eat her food know how bad it is for you so its not her fault that how she grew up cooking my mom don't eat her food cause its to high in fat so don't eat the food. people choose what to eat they are not forced to eat it


Anthony has a good point I think. I know that Paula is a good person but I cringe when she says "Hi ya all". I also doubt that Paula will respond to Anthony's take on her recent events. Its beneath her.


Now isn't he just the typical hypocrite pot calling the kettle black - LOL! Hey, Bourdain, "Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one!" ;-)


I watch Anthony Bourdain's show just to see what kind of an a hole he is. He eats too much weird stuff, smokes too much, drinks way too much. He is married but doesn't wear a wedding ring. That says to me that he doesn't take his marriage seriously. Anthony Bourdain should go tell someone who gives a rat's behind about his opinion. LEAVE PAULA DEEN ALONE!


give paula a break for petes sake. she is a southerner and was taught to cook that way by her family. she is trying to do better now and was very brave to admit it in public finally. she will be doing more diabetes friendly recipes now i am sure, but her heart is in the right place, so chill out and get off her case anthony! you are not perfect either pal....


I so agree with Bourdain. This woman didn't care a damn about her audience. She just wanted to keep the gravy train going. And WHERE is the common sense of these people that make her recipes? I moved to the South six years ago and to be honest I have never seen so many fat people and I mean REALLY fat people in my life. It is really sad.


I will match Paula's health with that guys's liver and lungs any day of the week. He Is just a bitter old guy that has drank too much animal blood mixed,with his liquor


Who is Anthony Bourdain?


This coming from a man that smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish. And an demeanor that riles a raging bear.


I think Bourdains show can be very interesting...his show on Haiti was exceptional...& the show on Maine..the Mainors was hilarious...but Anthony attaching Paula & her food IS attacking the SOUTH...we will rise up and smack ur a--...we also make shine so start swillin & quit sqeallin...its really unbecomin...

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