Angelina Jolie's Favorite Part of the Golden Globes

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Not that many women can blame her, but Angelina Jolie raised some eyebrows with a risque remark about Brad Pitt before the Golden Globes last night.

While Brangelina were both the model of sophistication during interviews, Jolie let her guard down towards the end of her trip down the red carpet.

Asked what she was most looking forward to from the evening, the Associated Press says she winked and whispered: "Getting into bed with Brad."

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes

The best part of the Golden Globes for Angie? The after-after party, in bed!

Jolie did not get into specifics regarding their bedtime routine or discuss whether Brad's cane makes an appearance between the sheets, if you know what we mean.

We mean he got hurt recently and walks with a cane.

Despite the A-list roster of attendees, the Golden Globes have a reputation for being much more laid back and fun than the Oscars that follow in February.

To that end, Jolie's quip about Brad was one of several priceless celebrity moments from the Beverly Hilton Hotel that television viewers never got to see.

The audience did see plenty of quality moments, though, from Ricky Gervais' off-color monologue to Seth Rogen's massive erection confession.



Trust me guys she doesn't read these comments.. no celebrity does, so your sticking up for her and name calling and all that.. gets you no where.. I stated my opinion, she is not a good person.. I have never read anything about her that made me think she was awesome!


Everything I have read LOL


Who gave u the right to be so judgemental? What a bitch! You really believe that you know Angelina Jolie personally. You can only make assumptions. Did someone leave you?So Jennifer Aniston has enough class to lie to husband for nearly five years about having children. She should have told him before she married him. This shows she is a selfish bitch! Jennifer aniston isnt a saint. if she was wouldnt be hopping into an already failed relationship with any man.She ended a fourteen years relationship. MARK MY WORDS THIS NEW RELATIONSHIP WILL NOT LAST. Angelina Jolie will always be better than her. She has everything going for her including looks and career goals.


Wow Desiree you are a hateful cun* LMAO this was the funniest thing I have read in a long time.. very wrong about me BTW just don't like her.. :P


Shannon is just a big fat hater who probably looks like a big fat pig herself and she's just jealous cuz she lives in a barn and sh!its in the same place she sleeps! Get off this page with ur haterade u cow and leave this beautiful talented amazing humanitarian out of ur piggy thoughts! ;)


Ain't Nothing like the truth!!
Angelina has come a long way baby, and her remark about Brad is the same remark that millions of women would love to be able to make. At some birthday bash, or social event just knowing that you will be going home with the "love of your life" is absolutely Nothing to be ashamed of.
Dare I say it??
Angelina remains awesome!!


Shannon, if you know her so well why don't you just tell her that yourself?


Angelina Jolie is a pig. She has no talent, I don't care how many movies she is in. She is a homewrecker and just because she adopts a bunch of children from other countries does not make her queen of the good.. She is still and always will be that crazy psycho who carried around her husbands blood and made out with her brother. I have no respect for her and I think the only reason Brad is still with her is because she wanted children and was willing to do things Jennifer Aniston had too much self respect to do.. It is very sad.

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