Angelina Jolie's Favorite Part of the Golden Globes

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Not that many women can blame her, but Angelina Jolie raised some eyebrows with a risque remark about Brad Pitt before the Golden Globes last night.

While Brangelina were both the model of sophistication during interviews, Jolie let her guard down towards the end of her trip down the red carpet.

Asked what she was most looking forward to from the evening, the Associated Press says she winked and whispered: "Getting into bed with Brad."

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes

The best part of the Golden Globes for Angie? The after-after party, in bed!

Jolie did not get into specifics regarding their bedtime routine or discuss whether Brad's cane makes an appearance between the sheets, if you know what we mean.

We mean he got hurt recently and walks with a cane.

Despite the A-list roster of attendees, the Golden Globes have a reputation for being much more laid back and fun than the Oscars that follow in February.

To that end, Jolie's quip about Brad was one of several priceless celebrity moments from the Beverly Hilton Hotel that television viewers never got to see.

The audience did see plenty of quality moments, though, from Ricky Gervais' off-color monologue to Seth Rogen's massive erection confession.



Oh, I was thinking of a different Shannon. My bad guys


I like Angie and in "my opion" she gets a bad rap. Damn her getting with brad was like 8or9 years ago...Damn Jennifer Aniston people let it go! Why, don't NOBODY judge or give him a hard time. Hell he's the one that cheated. He the one that made the commintment to Jen NOT her. It's funny how everybody always quick to blame the other women. But, anyway I think they are good together;)


I heard she said that!




Shannon said she dated Brad!


Angelina Jolie, Is beautiful, I agree with Paige, Jennifer lied about having children, all the other women on the show had children. What made her think she was better then they were, she lied to Brad and she LOST. Now she says she always wanted children, who are you trying to convince...


MJ ditto.. but be cautious what you say on here, there are psycho wannabes who will attack you for stating your distaste for the insanely pathetic couple..


Angelina and Brad have no talent whatsoever. Glad they didn't go home with any awards, they really didn't deserve them. That chick will always be known as the wacko who made out with her brother and wore someone else's blood around her neck. Classy.


HOLY CRAP crazy people I never said I know them .OMG I said I don't like her.. re read this you guys are creepy!


So jen aniston had enough respect to lie to her husband. @shannon since you know Angie personally can u inform the brangie fans what they did in bed last night? did they have hot sex all night long? Get a life! I wish brad angie and their children have long,healthly,happy,fulfilling lives.

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