Angelina Jolie: PREGNANT (Tabloid "Officially" Claims)!!

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Angelina Jolie is OFFICIALLY pregnant, according to a non-reliable celebrity news source. You heard it there first, and in 99.9% likelihood, incorrectly!

This is the second tabloid to make Angelina Jolie pregnant in a month. It's her own fault, making comments that she might be expanding her brood.

Maybe. Eventually. They don't rule it out. That's it. She also likes getting in bed with Brad, so basically, she's gotta be knocked up. We're convinced.

Ange did say recently, "I could end up pregnant." Could. She also said "I love being pregnant!" In general. Not right now. Yet OK! still cranks out this:

Angelina Jolie Pregnancy Story

Oh, but lest we thought OK! were just joshing us, a "source close to the Oscar-winner" reveals that Angelina is having her seventh child and NOT adopting it!

In other words, she's (totally not) pregnant, this (not) reliable source says!

"She's almost three months along," the faux Deep Throat dished. "It's not something she wants to officially announce but she's telling a select group of people."

SIDE NOTE: None of whom are actual humans.

"Angelina is really savoring every moment. She loves being pregnant. She's been having a tough time with morning sickness but says it's all worth it."

That's good at least. Wouldn't want a fake pregnancy to feel not worthwhile.


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i am one of the angelina jolies fan i congrats angelina jolie and brad pitt


Amazing the idiots that are here pretending they know everything. Jen got where she is because her father is the actor that plays Victor on Days of our lives. Jen has also had multiple surguries she has admitted to..nose job, botox and a minor tuck.


hi I m brangelina fan I do hope Angie is PREGNANT congratz Brad and Angelina Jolie=]


hi I m Angie Brangelina fan I do hope she is PREGNANT and gives birth safe congratz Angie and Brad=]

T jones

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What Jen???? How many boyfriends did she have already after Brad?
Jen can't get one that will stay w/ her, now you wonder why selfishness!~!@#$%^&*

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