Angelina Jolie Pregnant, May Leave Brad Pitt For Knocking Up Jennifer Aniston, Tabloids Claim

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Wow. The tabloids are starting off 2012 with a bang.

Taking the art of fabricating scandals about Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston to new heights, Star claims Ange temporarily left Brad after finding out that he made a baby with Jen ... which she miscarried ... in 2004 ... while married to Brad.

Seriously, they printed this. A "reliable source" said:

Brad Pitt Pregnancy Shocker!

"She assumed all along she was the only woman Brad had ever impregnated. Now Angie is questioning everything, including whether she can ever trust Brad again."

That has her thinking of leaving him for good, supposedly. Maybe.

"Brad doesn’t tell Angie everything, especially when it comes to Jen," adds the source. "The mention of Jen makes Angie completely irrational." (That part we buy.)

"But he never imagined this would infuriate Angie to the extent that it has. Now it could spell the end of them forever." Brutal, there's no other way to describe it.

It gets better, incredibly. The National Enquirer says, simultaneously, that in related news ... Angelina Jolie is pregnant right now! In a startling development ...

Sources say the thrilled Oscar winner is three months along and can’t hide her telltale belly bump ... which is not visible in any of her recent interviews. Details.

“Brad and Angie are ecstatic,” an insider said of Brangelina baby #7, allegedly due later this year. “They’ve been trying to conceive for most of the year."

"It was always their goal to have another biological baby."

"They want to adopt at least one more down the line. But at 36, Angie’s biological clock has been ticking like mad. With all of Angie’s medical woes lately, she and Brad consider it a blessing and a miracle that she was able to conceive.”

"Skeletal" Angie had a very rough first trimester and strug­gled to keep weight on. However, "she’s put on weight over the holidays, stuffing herself with meat and fruit."

Phew. Sometimes a girl needs to stuff herself with meat. Says the source:

"She’s com­pletely committed to staying healthy for the sake of her family.”

You cannot make this stuff up, people. Oh, wait ...


Some of the ugly jealous haters going to hell. Leave Angie alone. jealous Jen's skanks go away


Jenifer Aniston so much masculin. No way she can get pregnant . Big lied Jen


Hey, SB. Shut your asshole mouth up. jealous bitch.


Give us a break. Between Brad & jolie, they both are bed hoppers. And for her to get pregnate again they are both unfit parents. But then money talks. When brad & jolie cheated on J. Anniston, don't you think what goes around can comeback around and bite you in the butt. YOu both are such poor role models for your children. I feel for your kids


I just finished reading the book, "Angelina," by Andrew Morton. What an eye-opener about her. She really needs to do some deep work on herself. Compulsively adopting kids, because of her own f-ed up childhood. Compulsively sleeping with EVERY man she co-starred with. If anyone has cheated in this relationship, it is Angie.


Aniston being pregnant and miscarrying is nothing but a tanloid lie! Someone said Brad did an interview to confirm this is a tabloid lie! Trust me if Aniston had carried any seed of Brad pitt it would have been know by the horses mouth Aniston. This was just made up to do just what it has done for over 7 years now to give the whacked out Aniston fans something to believe on that Aniston was wronged by Angelina. They want to believe so bad that she is maternal and she is not. Look at her non relationship with her own family. This mess is crazy here it is 7 years and 6 six children later and you Aniston prawns are still hating on Angelina and coddling Aniston. Aniston has played her fans like the fools they are.


Maybe Brad is too sad to talk about the loss of this child. Maybe he did but Angie had her head too far up her ass to hear it. Don't sound like something most guys would want to talk about with their new lover anyhow.I think she should support him in light of this situation cause if they are as close as they put out they are then she should just sux it up and be there for him.


In MY opinion, Jolie is ugly as sin & a phycho path!! Aniston is a way better actress, more beautiful, & down to earth!! Before asked, yes I do know this for a fact!!! She is super jeleous of Aniston & needs to grow up a bit!! I cringe anytime I see Jolie or hear her name!! Pitt could do much better.. and yes, I did go to school with him so I am speaking from knowing him back in the day... just stating my opinion that I'm entitled to as well as the rest of you!!!


Angelina get over yourself. You are no better than anyone else !!! and that includes us meer mortals!!! Brad wake the F@#& up. If there is even one iota of truth to any of the shit put out there than you need to take those kids and run and never look back. She is F@#&ing nuts. I know tabloids lie but they start out with a little bit of the truth to get them going and add the lies to that.


Your evil comments says more about you guys than about Angelina. Jealous maybe? I mean Angelina has everything. She is beautiful, talented, successful, rich and on top of it all she is a humanitarian. Just like our beloved MJ was. Blaming Angelina for Brads and Jennifer's divorce is just pathetic! Angelina wasn't married to Jennifer, Brad was! And they probably had problems in their relationship before Angelina got into the picture. Steal someones husband?! That is ridiculous! Just leave Angelina alone already.

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