Angelina Jolie Pregnant, May Leave Brad Pitt For Knocking Up Jennifer Aniston, Tabloids Claim

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Wow. The tabloids are starting off 2012 with a bang.

Taking the art of fabricating scandals about Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston to new heights, Star claims Ange temporarily left Brad after finding out that he made a baby with Jen ... which she miscarried ... in 2004 ... while married to Brad.

Seriously, they printed this. A "reliable source" said:

Brad Pitt Pregnancy Shocker!

"She assumed all along she was the only woman Brad had ever impregnated. Now Angie is questioning everything, including whether she can ever trust Brad again."

That has her thinking of leaving him for good, supposedly. Maybe.

"Brad doesn’t tell Angie everything, especially when it comes to Jen," adds the source. "The mention of Jen makes Angie completely irrational." (That part we buy.)

"But he never imagined this would infuriate Angie to the extent that it has. Now it could spell the end of them forever." Brutal, there's no other way to describe it.

It gets better, incredibly. The National Enquirer says, simultaneously, that in related news ... Angelina Jolie is pregnant right now! In a startling development ...

Sources say the thrilled Oscar winner is three months along and can’t hide her telltale belly bump ... which is not visible in any of her recent interviews. Details.

“Brad and Angie are ecstatic,” an insider said of Brangelina baby #7, allegedly due later this year. “They’ve been trying to conceive for most of the year."

"It was always their goal to have another biological baby."

"They want to adopt at least one more down the line. But at 36, Angie’s biological clock has been ticking like mad. With all of Angie’s medical woes lately, she and Brad consider it a blessing and a miracle that she was able to conceive.”

"Skeletal" Angie had a very rough first trimester and strug­gled to keep weight on. However, "she’s put on weight over the holidays, stuffing herself with meat and fruit."

Phew. Sometimes a girl needs to stuff herself with meat. Says the source:

"She’s com­pletely committed to staying healthy for the sake of her family.”

You cannot make this stuff up, people. Oh, wait ...


I have a lot of feelings when it comes to this trio. I can not sum it up in a paragraph. I will say a few things. First of all I am so happy for Jennifer that she has finally found Peace again. Brad Pitt is the one to blame. He is a cold hearted ... in my eyes. He did not handle situation in a caring manner. Now lets talk Karma!....What about his first biological child with Angelina??? Maybe that is what keeps him up at night.(I am only Quoting what he stated in an interview: that he can't sleep for worrying about his children of many colors:) Don't be hating me for stating the obvious > Chaz Bono even said she would love to talk to the Jolie-Pitts


I dnt think Angie or Jennifer is to be blamed for a failed marriage, Every1 points a finger at Angie & Jennifer. Brad is the the 1 to blame for his own failed marriage and failures, He always had a wandering eye, and i think both Angie and Jennifer are better off without him. Angie was not a homewreker BRAD was the 1 who wrecked his own Marriage. Jennifer was not a homewrecker Justin moved on from a relationship that was heading nowhere. Move on people. Stop pointing fingers at anyone , pretty sure none of them reading this :)


Justin going to leave Jen Aniston. It's karma !Because Jen stole Bivens long time boyfriend of 14 years. Jenifer is a homewrecker.No men want her so she gasp Justin from Bivens and Justin want more famous, more money so he jumed on her. Wait and see Jen and her hens fan will suffer again


Hey baby blue eye or red eyes. you are very jealous bitter bitch. Move on. Jenifer Aniston is 100% plastic women from head to toes: 3 rhinoplasties, fake boobs, lipo-suction before famous,botox removed wrinkles and lines around her cheeks, upper lip collagen, fake tan, fake blonde, skin faced peeled, big thighs fat removed, etc...


BRAD LEFT JEN FOR ANGIE THEN JOHN MAYER LEFT JEN FOR ANOTHER WOMAN...hmmmm!!!you'll never know funky Justin in black all the time may leave Jen for another woman too. Get over it home wrecker issues. The fact in celebrity no married lasts except Celine Dion & Catherine Zeta Jones. If not Jolie...Brad still be leaving Jen for a different woman.Angie is beautiful and amazing woman, I wish more great things happen to Angie and Brad. Both are invited by the President at White House!How cool I am sure Jen hens fans are jealous and angry to death.


Why are all the comments on this website written in broken English. Get an education and stop worrying about fake skanks! Do you really think Angelina Jolie has real lips? a real nose? guess what her cheek bones are fake clearly full of fillers, her hair is full of fake hair extensions. It's Hollywood not Bollywood!!!


wow.. there are so many dumb none reality believing people in this world. no wonder we are fu??ed up.


ha nice try JA media lovers. so not true. Just cause he left horse face for a true love doesn't mean she deserves to be kicked around.


A relationship that starts with a lie will end in a lie. Get over yourself Angelia Jolie-You're not all that. KARMA is a bitch what comes around goes around. Angelina and Brad are a joke.


Stop jealous to Jolie. Jenifer Aniston now is real homewrecker, the old, ugly whore, the victim player and the plastic doll fake from head to toes, etc..... And her fan are jealous bitches

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