Angelina Jolie Downplays Brad Pitt Marriage Talk

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Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie really headed down the altar soon?

That's what could be expected, given Pitt's recent comments about the pressure to - and his desire to - propose, but according to Jolie, that's premature.

"I think anything said tends to be blown out of proportion," Jolie told People Sunday night at the SAG Awards, when asked about "a lot of ring-talk lately."

"Yeah, that was my fault," Pitt admitted with a smile.

Guess we know who wears the pants in that house.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt at the SAG Awards

The speculation about wedding bells in the near future for the famous couple stem from Pitt's remark that Brangelina is "getting a lot of pressure from the kids."

"It means something to them," he continued, adding that he would like to marry Angelina, and that "We will [get married] someday, we will. It's a great idea."

"'Please, get mommy a ring.' 'OK, I will, I will.' "

"It seems to mean more and more to our kids," he said. "I don't think we'll be able to hold out … it means something to me, to make that kind of commitment."

Probably not until Angelina demands it, however.



Tabloids act lyk they knw it al yet they hve no idea wats happening .1 day brad is already hubby the atha day they are trying 2 get married.luk the reason why they havnt bn married al these years is the reason they might nt marry.nt lyk im saying they wil never marry.brad&angie fell out of love years what they are doing is putting on a show 4 the kids,tabloids&haters.if they are so much in love wats up with the public display of affection




@Zzzz- It looks like she's on the verge of Nervous Breakdown #19


IMO Angelina is too smart (or rather, too careful) to marry Brad. I mean, he was already married to a really pretty, sexy woman and he was so bored he went and had an affair with Angie. Why should she repeat the mistake? I wouldn't be surprised if the gay marriage thing just gave her an excuse. Everyone thinks about themselves first with these things. I know if I really wanted to marry, no matter how deeply I sympathise with the gay issue, I would nevertheless marry. It's just such a personal thing.

T jones

@Valerie. I thought they were married too until a little ago. But, Pitt claimed that they was not going to get married until all the homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, and transvestites can get married too! LOL!! Run, Pitt, run!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

T jones

Oh, that freak is trying to get back into the public media's grace because she is widely known as the other woman in regards to the break-up of the marriage between Pitt and Aniston, and therefore, Jolie is threatened by Aniston because Aniston have been in the public eye recently. Jolie does that every time Aniston is in the spotlight. Watch and see! And the media have been talking lately about how Pitt and Aniston almost bumped into each other, this and that, and blah, blah, blah. Jolie knows that she will always be the other woman aka man-stealer! Jolie needs to relax and go steal somebody else's man. She seems to be good at that in her neck of the woods!!


Who cares? They are legends in their own lounges. Get married and go an a costa cruise!!!


Who are you talking about Reed? Brad and Angelina? Do you live under a rock???


2 people who are looking at their last Box Office hit in the Rear View Mirror. Now- with virtually no ticket sales because of the Economy & their Liberal stance they drum up publicity. These people are on the verge of being nothing short of an afterthought . Still they hold on to the attention.


Well I wish they due get married there both grown adults great parents and if that makes them complete why not
There beautiful...stars:-)

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