American Idol to President Obama & Al Green: Sing For Us!

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If you haven't seen the video of President Obama singing Al Green at a fundraiser at New York City's legendary Apollo Theater last week, you need to.

No matter what you think of his views, the Prez proved with his riff on "Let's Stay Together" that he's got pipes! And we weren't the only ones impressed.

Friday, American Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe Tweeted an official offer to the Commander in Chief that he can't refuse. Or at least he shouldn't:

"@BarackObama we loved your vocal performance so much we'd love to invite you on to #AmericanIdol this Season for a duet with Al Green."

Now that would be the DVR moment of the decade.

We're gonna guess that Obama will cite scheduling conflicts and pass, but if you think about it, what better way to win over voters in an election year?

Okay, perhaps a robust economy would be a bigger ballot box boost, but you get the idea. The guy's vocal chops are legit and deserve a wider audience.

President Obama in 2012?

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T jones

Reed, you can rest assure that when Romney’s second term is up, it won’t matter whether jackasses such as yourself vote for him or not, because he is going to win anyways!! That bastard doesn’t give a fuck about you. He only cares about lining his pockets with mad cash!! You can burn in hell as far as he is concern. But Obama left you ignorant motherfuckers alone to talk all that shit, but see for your damn self if you will have that same freedom is Romney is president. Romney might look good on the outside, but he is a narrow-minded asshole and a religious fanatic!!

T jones

Reed, if you think GW Bush was a terrorist who held this country captive for eight years because he cheated, and because idiots like you voted for him because you thought your votes meant something, then vote for Romney and you will see for your damn self that if you vote for Romney, GW Bush will look like a picnic in the park!! You can forget about your freedom of speech and religion, especially if your speech is about him, then you will be brand a threat and a terrorist.


AMERICA has caught on to Obamas weak Leadership & his Class Warfare game. He has done nothing but run for re-election for the past 2 years. Hiliary Clinton has all but said she wants out. People are questioning Obamas integrity more and more each day and it starts with the RACIST Rev. Wright. Nancy P. daughter also said her Mother is ready to go. Obama is trying Desperatly to satisfy the public but it is to late. He was a mistake that needs to be learned from. All people that have any HOPE will get behind Romney. By Summer he & Holder along with Biden will pull out that Race Card- I promise you this. They will not scare people with this. The Race Card will no longer work! Ever! The Weak & the Freeloaders will continue to support Obama. Obama is a person without a Country. Give him a Library and move him out.

T jones

@67FUON3. Obama don't need no third party candidate. Mitt Romney will do just fine, thank you! Because American do not need another beast like George W. Bush, aka war criminal!


@Cay...WELL SAID !


@T-Jones.... I was born a Yankee and will always be one at heart. Obama may get reelected but only if a third party (libiterian anyone?) joins the ticket. Race seems to be your issue -shocker @Reed-, who cares what color a person is? Should I say thank you Mr. President when gas is going to go over $4? He bailed out a company with $545 million and it sure as heck wasn't from his own pocket. The best part is the company went bankrupt within 6 months. Shady. I'm paying off my ass for healthcare, so we all can have it. I don't care about you and you don't care about me. Why would we help each other out? You see with your own eyes our country going to hell. Done......@Reed off subject, your Paula Dean comment was funny. You been drinking any RedBull lately? You've been on a roll hahaha.


I loved his voice, (or what little I heard).


Impressive! All this said with a Mouth Full of Chicken Grease- 6 inch Nails- Gun Fire in the Background not to mention the fact using a stolen Laptop! Really 67- You just Gotta be Impressed!

T jones

@67FUON3. I agree that Obama is an ass kissing wimp! But he will be reelected in 2012. In spite of the fact that his scary ass haven't done shit and have in fact left this country in the same condition that he found it in. The reason why Obama will be reelected is because the puppet string holders need a scapegoat to blame for all of the other assholes before Obama. The republicans already got rid of Herman Cain because they couldn't blame him for shit because Cain, being a older southern black male born and raised in America know all too well about the bullshit that is being fed to Obama. But Obama understands because he is a closeted republican with a white mama, but with a funny last and he is considered less intimidating that Cain and the Rev. Jesse Jackson when Jackson ran for office in the 1980's. So you need to take your confederate flag and share it with your favorite redneck homeboy, rectum style, and wait it out until 2016....if two terms is still the maximum for president.


After some of the comments posted, I am back to reality. It is so sad that there is so much hate still in this country. What I don't understand is those who should be the haters are the victims of hate. Why is that. Yes I am with our President whether you want to call him Mr. President or "boy", it dosen't matter, I'm sure he has heard it somewhere along the way but he has the intelligence, dignity and character to ignore it and recognize it for what it is, "hatred and ignorance". Thank you Mr. President for reminding the rest of us to continue to be above such anger and hatred and not stoop to their level. May God continue Bless you and your family.

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