Amanda Knox, Parents Face Slander Charges in Italy

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It's been nearly four months since Amanda Knox returned to the U.S. after spending four years in an Italian jail. Now she may be going back to the country.

Why return to a place where she was jailed for so long?

Not to see the sights, although her lawyer says she still loves the country and would even consider returning as a tourist one day. But in the more immediate future, Amanda may testify on behalf of her parents, who face criminal charges of slander.

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Curt Knox and Edda Mellas, who are divorced, are charged with slandering the Perugia police based on statements they made to London's Sunday Times.

In the interview, they repeated Amanda Knox's claims that she had been physically abused and verbally threatened by police during an interrogation.

How living at home in Washington State, Amanda Knox, 24, is expected to be called as a defense witness at their trial, which is set to begin on March 30.

Knox's murder conviction was overturned last October, but she also faces slander charges for statements regarding police conduct she made during her trial.

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DUDE, she is an ittarnanionel celebrity! Don’t you care about True Crime?Thanks for the comment, though.Sweeeeet.


Oh no please dont fall for this Amanda wake up .,. this is just some plet to get you back in the country so the lawyers can have another go at you.. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT .. go anywhere near that place or you will be back in the slammer.. WAKE UP


My Money says this girl knows more than she's letting on.


so if they were jus repeating wat their daughter said and lets say shes lied how is it their fault and why are they charged wit slander? They are jus repeating wat their daughter told them anyone who read that story wud then make their own decision on the daughter either lying or telling the truth. Considering how bad the police handled this case i sure as hell wudnt be surprised if they did do that to her. They sure as hell tried passing bad evidence off!

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