Alex Roldan Rumored to Be Khloe Kardashian's Father

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O.J. Simpson is not Khloe Kardashian's real father. Let's be real, people.

But might it be Alex Roldan?!?

Shot of Khloe Kardashian

Roldan has served as Kris Jenner's hairstylist for 30 years and, well.... that's about it. But readers of Hollywoodite dot com have advanced the theory that he may have fathered Khloe because he's close to Kris and he sort of looks like the youngest Kardashian daughter. See for yourself here:

Khloe and Alex Roldan

Roldan is also featured in the video for "I Love My Friends," which Kris Jenner apparently recorded and which we're not making up.

It's amazing to behold. Check it out below and look for Roldan's appearance around the 3:15 mark:


Her sis is a chav and she looks like a chav, so she’ll fit right in with his famliy.


en verdad el parecido es impactante parecen dos gotas de agua identicas


Khloe farted


She looks exactly like Alex & she looks nothing like her sister's...She stands 3 heads taller than her sister's! Serves her right imo. They way she put's the Jenner girl's down all the time by saying very sarcasticly "they are not Kardashians" Surprise spoiled brat! Neither are YOU!!!


I love Khloe. I think she is more level-headed person of the three sisters and the smarter of them all. Whether her dad is Robert or Roldon is nobody's business. She was raised a Kardashian and it should remain as such. People must always find something to chat about. You go Khloe, you are the beauty of them all with a heart of gold, I love you and will not stop washing your show. Odom loves you so do not be like Kim, love your husband and remain faithful to him. You will both have beautiful children unlike your spoil brat sister Kim who only loves herself and cannot love anyone else.


Yep thats her daddy! The resemblance is startling!




Its always something going on with that family. Nothing but caos. Their name should be the Kaosians


I think khole Kardashian, is a beautiful girl inside and out, she is strong and confident, she lives in the spot light and has to endure a lot of meaningless ridicule. KHOLE, take no thought for the people or their comments that are negative or degrading, however keep close to those who love and uplift. hold to that which is good and let no man take your crown. love ya....YOU ARE A FANTASTIC, STRONG AND SINCERE WOMAN.


Let's get one thing straight. Khloe is not Robert or Alex's daughter. Khloe is Alex's hermaphrodite daughter/son. Yes, Khloe was born with both male and femal genitalia.... Khloe is currently up for the lead role of "Chynna, Diary of a hermaphrodite Pro Wrestler".......

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