Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen: Content at Katsuya

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Drunken brawl in Finland? What drunken brawl in Finland?!?

Following an embarrassing incident over the holidays, Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen were out to prove all is well last night, dining together at Katsuya, a well-known Hollywood establishment often teeming with paparazzi.

The couple looks to have moved past its issues, huh?

Sauli Koskinen and Adam Lambert at Katsuya

Elsewhere, Lambert was recently asked about his upcoming album ("Trespassing"), explaining why the CD will be more personal than his debut effort, due to his experience of promoting that first album and touring the world:

"I was ready to write music from my experiences and give a very honest emotional portrayal of my desires and fears. Both dark and light. While exploring these themes I realized how universal my topics were. I think part of the beauty of song is how they connect people. Whether they're dancing or crying, the best songs resonate with the masses...

"My intention is that the tracks on "Trespassing" strike a chord with all walks of life."

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


I really look forward to Adam's new album. The man has a voice that blows me away and I know he has put his heart and soul into this new album. Thrilled he wrote on the majority of the songs and executive produced the album himself. Can't wait!! Adam and Sauli are so hot too!


Pap restaurant ? Good job then,since his single drops at the end of the month and Adam's cd Trespassing drops in March.


@Jason: Katsuya is known for one thing, and it's not the Kobe beef.It's the paparazzi standing outside every single night.


"out to prove all is well last night" OR maybe having a great dinner together at a great restaurant. Hmmm, probably the later.

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