Whoopi Cushion: Goldberg Lets One RIP on The View

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Whoopi Goldberg farted on The View hardcore today.

Seriously, there's breaking wind and there is cutting ass.

This is the latter. It was a loud one, and there's no hiding it. To her credit, Whoopi didn't even try after the fart interrupted her interview with Homeland star Claire Danes, saying, "Excuse me, I think I just blew a little frog outta there!"


A rep for ABC said that Whoopi Goldberg farting on The View (not for the first time, either) "was in good fun ... secretly we hoped it would get posted on YouToot."

Gotta give them credit for honestly. And that play on words.

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Honestly, what is the big deal? Whoopi is not the only one on that show passing gas.... but for one brief moment hers didn't try to masquerade as conversation....


so thats were they got the name (Whoppi cushion) )


as a girl in school , I was about 15 yrs,old when a class mate ask our teacher what is fart he thouhgt she said foughtand answered saying it is the past tense of fight, she started to laugh , he asked why are you laughing she answered and said you are wrong, fart is a gas that comes from your ass to tell you when the shit is near, so you go girl let it out


whoopi has brought tv to an all time low. past generations like jack benny, dinah shore, bob hope, and ed sullivan must be rolling over in their grave at how tv has gone ghetto. come on, whoopi, have you seen ANYONE on tv cut the cheese? have some respect for your job. most of us get paid in a year what you get paid in a day, and we can control our gas outbursts. go back to the hood, chick, you disgust me.


whoopi is dirty trash. do what any respectible person would do - eat more fiber, and use the bathroom before going to work. no one wants to hear gas in thw workplace. of course the view crew had to laugh it off, but if it was joy or elisabeth who farted, no one would be laughing, someone would be fired. dirty is dirty and whoopi showed no class or respect for her job or her audience.


Holy crap I can't believe People are making this out of a race issue the lady is a human being. we all fart there nothing gross about that u guys only saying this b/c she is black .


I think the people commenting rudely on this is mean. Some people accidently fart and that is ok. She was professional, excused herself, made a joke to blow it off, and moved on. Just because she farted doesn't mean it smells people grow up. This has nothing to do with race. Seriously you guys need to grow up and learn how to laugh and not judge. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE.


Well the sometimes you can't help the gas just comes out. Whoopi is a very wise woman and the show would loose a good person over a fart. I am sure we have all had some kind of accident that is simular. It's sad to see thar's all we have to complain about. You are excused Whoopi I love you on that show your one of the reasons I warch it.


Lmao weres Tmac now??? See this is why less africans are used on shows!!!!! No but seriously people get a life!! So what if she farted??? Everybody does it!!!!! And besides what the heck she is an awesome actress so go fly a kite!!!!!


Whoopi is wise??? I could not disagree more. What she did was rude. No excuses. She completely disgusts me.