Who Won The X Factor?

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It all boiled down to talent (Melanie Amaro) versus heart (Josh Krajcik) versus energy (Chris Rene) on the first-ever American finale of The X Factor, with a major recording contract, $5 million and serious bragging rights at stake tonight.

So, who took home the largest grand prize in reality show history?

Following an electrifying set of performances by Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, Leona Lewis, Pitbull and Ne-Yo, host Steve Jones announced the winner as ...

The X Factor Winner

... Melanie Amaro!

Obviously stunned and emotionally overwhelmed just after Jones made the expected announcement, a choked up Amaro said only "GOD IS GOOD!!"

And half a million thank yous.

Simon Cowell said simply, "We came here to find a superstar, and we found a superstar ... congratulations and thank you to all who supported this show."

Chris Rene got the chop first, leaving Melanie and Josh Krajcik in the final two. Before the results were unveiled, the two dueted on David Bowie's "Heroes."

The first season finale then closed out with a performance by Melanie. She sang "Listen," a perfect choice as it was arguably her strongest effort all season.

What do you think? Did Melanie Amaro deserve to win?


she deserved it.she was the best from the start she was number 1 pick from get go.GO MELANIE YOU ROCK GIRL SHOW. THE WORLD WHAT YOU CAN DO.......


i thought joh should have won---better singer, better personality


She is a good singer but I think that it was rigged from the jump because Simon did not want to be the loser mentor. I did not like how she came out saying she has an accent which was supposedly her real voice but funny how the next week it disappeared. Quite frankly I will not watch next year and did not like your stupid host.I still like Ryan S
seacrest from IDOL.


i like melanie but not her ghetto mother and family. hope they don't use her now for her money. the mother left her as a kid but now plays it off like she is all loving. at least scary astro didnt win!


I am so happy for Melanie. She deserved to win. Her voice is amazing. I did like Josh though. He sounds just like Joe Cocker.
I enjoyed watching the show but don't know why Chris even made it as far as he did. I'm looking forward to the next season.


Congrats to Melanie. But honestly, I thought Chris Rene or Josh should've won. If this was American Idol, Melanie would have been the RIGHTFUL winner.. but this was X Factor. It was MORE than a singing competition. However that being said, I think Melanie NEEDED this win. Josh and Chris will still do well without that contract. No doubt. But Melanie NEEDED it most. On my part, I would pay to watch Chris Rene and buy his albums. His songs touched me like no other. My boyfriend was addicted to alcohol before he checked into rehab. When I told him to listen to Chris' songs, it changed his life and in that way, changed mine. Chris may not be the best vocalist, but he is the best artist out there. His messages rings true through his songs and that's is why I believe he'll go far.


I believe that both Melanie and Josh were the strongest, although I favored Josh. I am happy for Melanie though, and I hope that we still are able to see and hear Josh too. I could listen to his voice forever! He deserves something also. Actually all three of them will probably go on to bigger and better things!!!


i knew she was the winner right from the very beginning


This Really Shows That GOD IS THE GREATEST !!!
After She Was Sent Home Of Course She Wouldn't Believe If Anyone Told Her She Would Win Then..
But Look At His Miracle ..
Go Melanie .. Africa Loves You !!!


I was hoping for Chris to win this. Simple as that. I shouldn't have to explain myself you all must know

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