Who Won The X Factor?

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It all boiled down to talent (Melanie Amaro) versus heart (Josh Krajcik) versus energy (Chris Rene) on the first-ever American finale of The X Factor, with a major recording contract, $5 million and serious bragging rights at stake tonight.

So, who took home the largest grand prize in reality show history?

Following an electrifying set of performances by Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, Leona Lewis, Pitbull and Ne-Yo, host Steve Jones announced the winner as ...

The X Factor Winner

... Melanie Amaro!

Obviously stunned and emotionally overwhelmed just after Jones made the expected announcement, a choked up Amaro said only "GOD IS GOOD!!"

And half a million thank yous.

Simon Cowell said simply, "We came here to find a superstar, and we found a superstar ... congratulations and thank you to all who supported this show."

Chris Rene got the chop first, leaving Melanie and Josh Krajcik in the final two. Before the results were unveiled, the two dueted on David Bowie's "Heroes."

The first season finale then closed out with a performance by Melanie. She sang "Listen," a perfect choice as it was arguably her strongest effort all season.

What do you think? Did Melanie Amaro deserve to win?


Melanie has a great voice. I am not unhappy she won; I would not have been unhappy if Josh won either. Josh has an amazing amount of talent, someone will pick him up(it will not go to waist). Congrats to the both of them.


Hi Congratz! Melanie! I loved both rachel crow and you! I ahooy you won!


To the jacka*s below my parents are also from the Caribbean like Melanie and they can turn on and off their accent. They did a whole segment when she talked about how people reacted toward her accent negatively so she learned to hide it. That being said I'm not surprised she won but I'm not thrilled I didn't care for her she reminded me of a 2.0 version of Jordan Sparks.


Melanie is a big fake. Doesn't anyone else notice her "accent" sometimes but not others.


Rachel crow should have won. Americans assumed she would be safe and didn't vote for her when they needed to. None of the remaining contestants could have held a match to her but Melanie was the best of the three so alright i guess. At least they only messed up once.


please leave mealniealone the decision is final she wone and thats ist, and the ather thing is in any competition theres is always one winer and thats Mwlanie,wish you all the best in feture endervour


I agree with most of the above comments - Chris Rene can write but
can't carry a tune. I always knew it would be between Josh & Melanie. I would buy either one of these amazing singers works.
Josh's hair is not dirty, but naturally curly & unruly, but he is a
consumate pro like Melanie. Both are humble and greatful and nice
people. Could not get on track with any of the others, so in the
end, I think America did the right thing.


Congrats to Melani but I think Racheal Crow was the best she should have never been sent home.


From very early on, it was guaranteed to be between Josh and Melanie. I think America got it right. Unlike American Idol which gets it wrong a lot of times especially last season when Haley Reinhart was the rightful winner!!!


melanie won because they cleaned her up. josh always looked dirty and dumpy. if mel had come out with a greasy afro she never would have won. josh is better singer. a shame his mentor didnt help him in that regard but nicole is such a whackadoodle what did josh expect. hope mel doesnt feel she needs to record any songs with scary astro.

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