Vanessa Bryant: Gold Digger or You Go, Girl?

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Gold diggers: Like mother, like daughter. That's what Vanessa Bryant's former stepfather is saying about the soon-to-be ex-wife of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

Stephen Laine said in the aftermath of Kobe Bryant's divorce announcement that Vanessa, his spouse of 10 years, is acting just like her money-grubbing mom.

"Her mother taught her well to wait for the ten-year mark [before divorcing]," he said. "In California ... it's considered a long term marriage and then she gets paid for life or until [Vanessa] remarries ... just like her mother is doing to me."

Is that really fair, though?

Kobe Bryant, Wife Vanessa Bryant

First off, Kobe was reportedly caught cheating after the wives of some of his teammates told Vanessa Bryant of the player's increasingly frequent infidelities.

Second, 10 years is a long ass time, and two kids are a lot of work. Yes, having kids to "trap" the dad is a baby mama staple, but this doesn't seem like that.

They married young, before Kobe was that rich (she stands to receive at least $75 million now), and despite whatever rep she has, she never seeks attention.

Finally, she stood by Kobe after he was accused of RAPING someone. Enduring public humiliation isn't part of the gold-digging handbook ... $4 million ring or not.

What do you think? Is Vanessa Bryant a gold digger?


Dat bitch kObe cheater on her azzz so much he got only himself to blame


Just saying WOW....I just pay child support and i love my daughter but my little $450 a month i'm grateful


@iluvhulk1117 that's exactly what I say!!! Its nice to see a woman get what's deserved when treated so badly especially by a doucher like kobe... I can't stand that guy and hopefully something like this humbles a guy who is so self-centered...this is the best celeb gossip I've read in ages I'm gonna follow it until she gets half and then some...and then hopefully we get to see some great photos of him as humiliated as vanessa was the day she found out he was getting charged for rape lol


Oh well! Thats his stupid azz


Bottom line: if you don't want your spouse taking half your money, do one or all of the following: (1) Don't get married; (2) Sign a pre-nup; (3) Don't cheat! Is it really brain surgery?


Mr. Laine's failed marriage is his business. Vanessa's 10 year marriage to Kobe Bryant is their business. There is absolutely No way that she should be classified as a gold digger when she was by his side while he earned his wealth. Had she been a girl friend and married Kobe a couple of years ago, maybe Mr. Laine would be able to resort to Name calling, but considering the fact that Vanessa Bryant was by his side during the highs and the lows, for better and the worst portion, she deserves the lioness share of their wealth. By all indications, Kobe has quietly decided to settle with her, so the dutiful thing for Mr. Laine is to step back, or step correct.
Vanessa knows more about her marriage to Kobe, and she does Not Need the advice of the world. She appears to be a smart cookie, and knows that she does Not have to * settle for crumbs. PEACE!!

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