Tournament of THG Quarterfinals: Demi Lovato vs. Justin Bieber!

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Welcome back to the Tournament of THG, where fans vote on the most popular star of 2011! The concept is simple: Pick your favorite of the two stars in each poll. Done.

The quarterfinals are underway, with Miley Cyrus, Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry currently leading the competition. Their matchups remain open for your votes as well!

Easter Performance

Today's matchup: Demi Lovato vs. Justin Bieber! Have at it!

In round one, DL toughed it out against Taylor Lautner, while the Beliebers carried their man to a win over LiLo. Who will advance to the next round? VOTE below!

And the Winner is?

Who's your favorite celeb, Demi Lovato or Justin Bieber? Your votes will decide the winner of this first round matchup in the first Annual Tournament of THG! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Demi Lovato

Justin Bieber

Total Votes: 3377


Hi demi i'm a jb fan bt i luv u 2 congrats!:)


i love u justin bieber i want u to be the winer but i love you justin for me you are the winer yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...


Someone needs to tell her that if she keeps dressing like that disney will get out her clone and replace her....


clearly those who voted for demi are males


Why the rude comments guyss ? They're both amazing, let's leave it at that. I love them both.


i like to winer justin bieber. i love you justin for me you are the winer yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


We all know that Justin is the real winner here, and at least Justin doesn't have to go around half naked just to win his fans votes!


I hate u all lovatics .. So what,, demi wins this tournament !! But in real life justin is d real rockstar ...


All right go Demi Lovato say hi to Justin Bieber baby mama for me


Why are Justin bieber fans so mean.. Just accept the fact that he lost...

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Demi Lovato Biography

Many think Demi Lovato is being groomed to be the next huge Disney star. She appeared in the movie Camp Rock, alongside those gorgeous... More »
Dallas, Texas
Full Name
Demetria Devonne Lovato

Demi Lovato Quotes

I hope to do a collaboration with Kelly Clarkson. [She] has been my idol growing.

Demi Lovato

I'm very uncoordinated. I'm surprised I don't fall onstage more.

Demi Lovato