Tournament of THG: Lindsay Lohan vs. Justin Bieber!

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Welcome back to the Tournament of THG, where fans vote on the most popular star of 2011! The concept is simple: Pick your favorite of the two stars in each poll. Done.

So far in Round One, we've seen three close races: Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner and Demi Lovato.

Lindsay: Back to Blonde

Meanwhile, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and the Middleton girls all jumped out to commanding leads. All those matchups remain open for your votes, as well!

The next, and final contest before the quarterfinal field is set: #15 seed Lindsay Lohan vs. #2 Justin Bieber. Who do you like better? Cast your vote below!

And the Winner is?

Who's your favorite celeb, Lindsay Lohan or Justin Bieber? Your votes will decide the winner of this first round matchup in the first Annual Tournament of THG! View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Lindsay Lohan

Justin Bieber

Total Votes: 2183

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I am a proud ßЄƖiЄ�ЄƦ♡ I love Justin Bieber with all my heart♡ He is the perfect role model. JB ROCKS !!! JB ALL THE WAY♡♡♡♡♡♡


I am a Belieber all the way. I do not want to see that skanky woman especially on Playboy.


Lindsay needs to straight up become a porn star. She's already "comfterable" in her own skin. Them sex scenes are a hella of a paycheck, and she already has the phyical apperance as one. P.s..... I'm being completely serious.


ughh. i dont know! i used to like lindsay when she was acting. but then everything happend. and i like justins music but im not obsessed... I wish Lindsay would get her act together!.....


I don't know....Lindsay has shown she's a good actress. She needs to straighten out and re-prove herself. Bieber? Eh. He has a voice, but I'm not sure about him yet. Kids sure love him though.


They both suck big time, but I'd rather go for Lindsay


@ delfin it is unfair


none they both suck big time


umm....what if we cant stand either one of them???


Lindsay is a train wreck waiting to happen... Justin needs to have someone set some limitations before he becomes a train wreck.