Tim Tebow Tribute Song: All He Does is Win!

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Tim Tebow may not be able to throw a football to save his life, but he gets the job done. Now the Broncos quarterback's greatness has been immortalized in a song.

The former University of Florida star and son of Christian missionaries has become a phenomenon in the NFL this year after a string of incredible, last-second wins.

In the face of unorthodox mechanics and Satan-worshiping haters, he's got 8-5 Denver eyeing the playoffs. More importantly, he's a meme-producing pop culture all-star!

DJ Steve Porter mashes up ESPN peeps, NFL great (and Tim's boss) John Elway, Lil Wayne and others to create the ultimate Tim Tebow tribute, "All He Does Is Win":

Follow the jump for another Tebow tribute tune, called "Super Fans" ...

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@Brian! Your right! Tebow does not fit in! It's all True! This Fucking guy doesn't have Corn Rolls like Randy Moss! Fuck him! He doesn't have little Shitting Eating Kids Spread out all over the Country like Terrell Owens! Fuck him! He doesn't go for the Big Haul of Drugs like Hurd! He doesn't shoot himself in the Leg at a Night Club! Doesn't walk around Holding his Dick! If all Tebow can do is Stay Clean-Pray--Help the Handicap......and Win! Who the Fuck wants to see that Shit!


I don't hate Tebow...I hate the Tebow hype! He hasn't done a damn thing to deserve all the recognition he gets. Does anyone remember the way the Lions absolutely destroyed this football team with Tebow at the helm. He can't win against the "good" NFL teams. If he beats the Patriots, Saints, Packers or Giants (You know teams with good QB's) then I'll give him some props, but until then! Hell no! No pun intended!


Tom Brady versus Tim Tebow? Could be a QB match up at Mile High this Sunday.


God must like the Packers more.....who keeps winning?


He's a good role model for kids today, but the only thing that concerns me is when he messes up, which he will hi some point he's only human, people will rip him apart. I also think it is a tad presumptious to say that God is helping him win. It couldn't possibly be that the team supports him more then Orton.


Can't pass? He holds the BCS record for passing 462 yards in one game. And that was against an undefeated team!!!!!!!!!


I'm not a Broncos or Gator fan but what has he done to upset everyone so much? He thanks God after a win. That's his crime? He doesn't have kids all over the place with different momma's, no criminal or drug record. No violent outburts etc. Save the hate for the ones that do wrong & praise the good ones. I'm tired of hearing him get trashed for being a Christian.